Book Cover Reveal

Well, we’re approaching the publishing debut for the second book in our series: The Crazy 8 – Bastard Chronicles. So we wanted to do a book cover reveal.

We are so excited about the front and back cover which was designed for us by our Book Cover Artist, Nick Demarsico.


We’ll be leaving a website where you can visit Nick and see more of his beautiful work. And trust us, you’ll want to see more.

We would like to thank our blogging buddies for all your support this past year while we’ve been working on our baby.

And now for the Cover…

Front cover for: The Crazy 8

Back cover for: The Crazy 8

We can’t tell you how proud we are to share this with all of you and hope you enjoyed the book cover reveal. Please be sure to visit Nick’s website & for those interested in working with Nick, please feel free to contact him by way of the links we’re leaving below. Thanks again.

Nick DeMarsico:


And The Winner Is…..

So, we’ve reached the end of our Beth Teliho Interview & Book Give-Away.

No, it’s okay SpongeBob. This is a good thing. Because now someone get’s a PRIZE!!!! ;)

Happy Dance indeed. We have our contestants (the commenters).

We did our random selection process.

While everyone waited on the edge of their seats.

Well….okay, maybe not everyone! So now we’ll get the commenters lined up to announce the winner.

Any last words? Just this from us:

And the winner of our Book Raffle is……..

Spiritual Ivy!!!!!

Congratulations, Spiritual Ivy. And now for your prize…


Hell yeah!! One phenomenal, freaking read!! Congrats again, Spiritual Ivy on scoring a brilliant book by an amazing Woman & Author.

Thanks again to Superstar Beth Teliho (our Bethie) for appearing on Two Voices…One Thought. And thanks to all our commenters for taking the time to chat-up Bethie. If you’d like to keep the convo going & trust us, YOU DO; Head on over to her blog:

If you didn’t win the copy of Bethie’s book, “Order of Seven” head on over to Amazon & grab your copy now.


The Brilliant Beth Teliho / Order of Seven


Beth Teliho is a one of a kind author/blogger. She never minces words and continues to keep us laughing with her witty humor and intrigued by her edgy topics. We’re honored to say that she’s a blogging bestie and proud to announce that she’s published her first novel. We tried to come up with cohesive questions but ultimately decided on taking turns. And now for all of you Two Voices, One Thought readers and Teliho fans alike, we will pick apart the brain of the master that created the delightful, the delectable, the one and only… Baron. LOL

Title: Order of Seven / Author: Beth Teliho


Book Synopsis:

Eighteen-year-old Devi Bennett is surrounded by mysteries: her unknown heritage, a recurring dream about an African tribal ceremony, an inexplicable attachment to a certain tree and a psychic ability she’ll never understand—unless she finds her biological parents.

Things take a shocking turn when she meets Baron, an intense and alluring energy healer who receives prophetic dreams which all seem connected to her. Devi must rely on an empath, a seer, and Baron to help research her roots to discover who she is and what she is capable of. But when Baron’s visions lead to an ancient legend that may link to her birthright, Devi learns her gift is more imperative than she thought imaginable.

Equal parts suspenseful and sexy, philosophical and adventurous, Order of Seven delivers a story that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the hands that carry fate.

Pages: 248 / Genre: Paranormal Mystery

(Mathair) Bethie, we can’t tell you how excited we are to have you on Two Voices….One Thought. We’ve been such fans of you and your blog: Writer B is Me that to be able to interview you about your newly released book, Order of Seven is like a dream come true. And now the interrogation. Mwa-ha-ha. So, we have to gush on Order of Seven. Can we say… unbefu**inglievable!

Tell us a little bit about how this story came to you; what was the spark that started the fire? (Without giving away any spoilers, of course.)

(BT) It started with the desire to write a story with a subtle undercurrent about mans’ responsibility to the environment. But I wanted to do it in a way that whispered it, and wasn’t the main point of the novel. Also, In much the way you “accidently” learn historical facts while reading Gabaldon’s Outlander series, I wanted to pepper Order of Seven with factual elements that I then added my creative spin to. With the message in mind, combined with the historical truths, Order of Seven was born.

(Inion) Your story was heavily influenced by archaeology. Is that something you’ve always been interested in?

(BT) Yes! I’m a science junkie, but archaeology in particular spurs my imagination. The fact that there are so many sites that are still a mystery just begs for a writer’s attention.

(Inion) Order of Seven has such a beautiful interpretation of family; very much outside the scope of the norm. Was that a theme that you wanted inherent throughout the novel?

(BT) Not at first, not intentionally, but it sort of evolved that way. I think definition of family, and feelings of acceptance not just in your family, but in society in general are issues true to me, so they squirmed their way into the story regardless.

(Mathair) Beth, the MC Devi is such an incredible young woman with powerful inner strengths, incredible physical and mental gifts as well as humanistic frailties that are endearing. Tell us the influence behind this mega-heroine.

(BT) I wanted someone true to how I see the current teen generation, and that is smart, savvy, strong, informed, funny, outspoken, empathetic, and brave. I know they have their unique issues ahead of them, as we all did, but they’re truly little super humans. However, in addition to being this dynamic modern teen, Devi is isolated, confused, and really pissed about it. That’s a volatile mixture, which is why I fought for her language to stay “salty”. I wanted to mirror her anger while being realistic.

(Mathair) While reading the reviews the one thing that stood out, (besides the obvious which was that the book was unbelievable) is the word philosophical which was also in the synopsis. Tell us why this was so important to the book and you.

(BT) It’s important to me because I wanted people to question what they thought they knew about how our world works in reference to religion and history. I wanted readers to leave the book with the seed planted that there is no One Right Way, in my humble opinion. The attitude “my way or the highway” leads to nothing but disgruntlement and war. As a species, we’re smarter than that. I hope. I think it’s important for acceptance, empathy, compassion, and understanding to recognize and respect that people have different religious beliefs, and that’s okay.

(Inion) Her brother was a favorite of mine. Having a close relationship with my little brother, I find myself gravitating to stories with strong sibling ties, built on love and loyalty. Tell us a little bit about how this brother-sister duo came to life for you.

(BT) From day one, this story orbited around a brother and sister. I’m fascinated with sibling connections, specifically (SPOILER ALERT) twins, and then add to that his life “sentence” to protect her from who she is, and the fact that he felt everything she felt….it was just too delicious to pass up.

(Mathair) I guess this should have been the first question, but did you decide to traditionally publish, independently publish or self-pub? And for those reading who are just starting out please explain why you chose this and the advantages of doing so.

(BT) I never even considered pursuing traditional publishing. It just seemed too restrictive and time-consuming. Not to say I never will, but it wasn’t right for me with this novel. I think traditional publishing is having to evolve and re-think how they will work amongst the tsunami of successful indie authors. When I first learned of the different ways to publish, the thought of doing it myself excited me. I mean, even the word Indie is inherently cool as shit, right?

(Mathair) The story takes place in your great state of Texas. (Hell yeah!) But, it goes far beyond those borders and takes the reader all the way to the dark continent of Africa. The two are completely different worlds that immediately jump off the pages. How much research went into the different settings?

(BT) A TON of research went into the settings, as well as the factual elements. I read journals written by people who’d been to these places, I watched YouTube videos of native tribesman, I scoured pages from tourist sites, and Wiki and Google were my best friends. Additionally, I kept most of my notes and research papers from college, where I degreed in Environmental Science. This proved to be very helpful when talking about energy, geology, and astronomy – to name a few.

(Inion) There are so many vibrant cultures woven beautifully throughout the storyline of Order of Seven. How much research did you put into that aspect as well as the folklore that went along with them?

(BT) The tribes a purely fictional and came from mah brain, but some of the cultural lore was factual. I spent a lot of time combing the Internet for mythology and legends that would serve my plot, but sometimes it was the research that inspired plot lines!

(Mathair) Being Irish, your title intrigued us immediately! Seven is such an important number, not only in the Celtic world but in many other cultures and religions. How did you ultimately decide on the title?

(BT) I know seven is special to you, too! (cough-ThePerfectSeven- cough) Funny, the title was originally Tree of Life, but through my research I kept finding a connection with the number seven, particularly in cultural beliefs and artifacts, and these connections drove the story. It got downright uncanny many times! I would think, hmmm maybe Baron should get a vision of the Orion constellation, so I’d research it and then find Orion is made up of seven stars. This kind of thing happened ALL THE TIME. When I finally finished my first draft, I knew Tree of Life was no longer the perfect fit, so I tossed around Order of Seven and it stuck.

(Inion) The paranormal features in Order of Seven are all influenced by organic energy, which is tantamount with the “enviro-friendly” message of its story. Organic energy is a belief that is practiced more commonly nowadays. What are your thoughts on energy and the correlation it has between humans and nature?

(BT) Quite frankly, I’m just fascinated by it and wanted organic energy to be a part of this story. I wanted the characters to rely on unconventional means for healing as well as how they see the world, which emphasized the “everything’s connected” message.

(Mathair) The cover is stunning; almost appearing like animal hide, very natural. Tell us a little bit about the cover and the artist.

(BT) My artist is Jenny from Seedlings Design Studio (, and she’s the bomb dot com! We went through several different mock-ups based on my input, but they just didn’t work. Then I realized I was going the wrong direction with it, so I went back and said let’s start over. Thankfully, she didn’t kill me and got right to work with my new ideas. The cover you see is the first thing she sent me. When I saw it I just knew it was the one. It’s eye catching, and organic, and ancient, and ominous, and cool. ;)

(Inion) Nature is portrayed in a reverent manner in Order of Seven. Are you an advocate for the environment?

(BT) I am, very much so, but I’m not perfect. I don’t want people to think I’m driving around in a car that runs on vegetable oil, drinking my juice dinner while wearing hemp clothes. Hahaha I do what I can, just like most people do, but I really do believe in the power of positive energy, and the importance of nature for our lives now and in the future.

(INM) What’s next for Beth Teliho?

(BT) So many things I don’t even know where to start! I’m working on a children’s book about “beating worries” (coping with childhood anxiety), and I also have the urge to write for the younger YA crowd – like middle school age. And, perhaps a sequel (or companion) to Order of Seven will happen, but I’m waiting for the characters to get back to me on that. ;)


*We cannot wait to see what this incredible lady comes up with next. We have purchased a copy of her book: Order of Seven, to be given to one lucky commenter, which we will randomly choose. So make sure to leave your comments for Bethie, guys!

Of course after the give-away you can purchase a copy of Beth’s Book at but please wait to see if you’re the winner!!

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Two Times The Charm

Although it seems silly, for us it is exciting. Most of you are familiar with our book, The Perfect 7. But what we haven’t told you is that we’ve republished it. Not in hopes of increasing sales. (although that would be nice. lol ) But because it’s been tweaked. We said tweaked…..TWEAKED not twerked!!! We’ve introduced our book cover artist to all of you before, Nick DeMarsico. Yes he’s gorgeous ladies and a consummate Artists through and through. And the new back cover is his creation. The infamous tattoo that the boys get on Isle Exodus. Thanks Nick!!   Along with Nick’s contribution to P-7 we also have a new graphic art designer who handles our websites as well as the formatting for our books. And yes, he’s also brilliant. Erik Aadnesen. Thanks Erik!! We also came up with a name for our baby figuring it wouldn’t be right to let it go on in this world without one. Yes, we pulled a Ben Stiller. (Flirting With Disaster) 65401-zoolander-blue-steel-gif-AHeR And of course by a name we mean a name for the series. Envelope please….. Bastard Chronicles You like? We thought so; and we’re pretty proud parents.   Now most of you know we’ve been blogging ghosts as of late working on book number two in the Bastard Chronicles series. bastard symbol Well, we’ve finally finished and have it with the Beta Readers awaiting the feedback. We’ll save anything else related to that for another blog post, book cover reveal and so on. But as for Two Voices…One Thought, we have some pretty cool posts and blog guests coming up. Yes we’ll be regulars again and we’ve missed you all soooo much!!! Here’s just a few names to look forward to: Ivy, Beth Teliho, Amy Masur, J. Cornell Michel, Annie Wilson, Nichole B. and many more. And here’s just a sample to tantalize you!   For now, we look forward to leaving our place to come & haunt your blogs. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Congrats to Nick on making the front cover of his schools newly published Art Book!! _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Bastard Chronicles: The Perfect 7

A Different Perspective

A phantom wind

A shadow cast from a tree

The beach at sunset

A single daisy in a field

A foggy graveyard

An empty bench in the middle of an abandoned park at midnight

They all sound mundane to most, but to an artist, they are deliciously inviting. The world is changing, evolving around us. We have no choice but to grow with it or perish. No sunset is ever the same, no expression on a child is ever duplicated in another. Perhaps it’s life who has the last laugh, desperate to challenge our artistry for her mere amusement.

Mother Nature gives us these inspirations knowing we’ll return the gift uniquely changed once touched by our imaginations.

As we began to take a closer look at certain arts we were able to see the seeds that bloomed into the grand flowers.

1924: The grim reaper decides it’s time to take an overdue vacation from his job as death-collector. Where else would you book your trip, but with the man who owns the world and just so happens to be his next victim! Why not kill two birds with one stone?!

To read this silly, little idea would cause one to shudder. But imagine if you will, the original idea coming from a brilliant Italian Playwright named Alberto Casella.

And, voila! You have a 1929 Supernatural/Comedy fit for Broadway called:

“La Morte in Vacanza.”

Then, add Walter Ferris a former English teacher from Yale to the equation in order to adapt the Italian work into English and we have, “Death Takes a Holiday” a 1934 film by Universal Studios.

Are we done? Not by a long shot. Another artist looked at the same idea with a different set of eyes. Fast forward to the year 1998 and bump Ferris with four Screenwriters: Kevin Wade, Ron Osborn, Bo Goldman and Jeff Reno then add Director, Martin Brest and while you’re at it, throw in Brad Pitt. (Why? Cuz he’s Brad-freaking-Pitt!!)

And Sir Anthony Hopkins….

And look out, you have “Meet Joe Black.” A Dark-Fantasy/Romance. Seven different artists, one idea. Amazing to watch the flower bloom.

Or how about an idea in 1968 which spawned a short story that was put in a drawer and forgotten until 1973 when American Author Anne Rice, decided to expand on that idea. She turned it into a novel at the encouragement of one of her husband’s students. It took her five weeks to complete the 338-page novel, doing research on vampires during the day and writing at night. When she was done, she’d created a masterpiece. Vampires…certainly not the introduction to the fictional dark species but most definitely a unique perspective. Matter of fact, contrary to popular belief, Bram Stoker can’t even take credit for originality. The Vampires roots are older than “Dracula.”

and yes….Francis Ford Coppola’s as well; (Although thanks for Gary Oldman)…/10(2)26-32.pdf?.


  1. M. Carlson: When Bram Stoker’s Dracula first came out in 1897, it was an immediate success, a horror writer’s “stroke of genius.” But Stoker’s novel was not a work based on Stoker’s imagination alone. Two elements contributed to the success of his novel: a great deal of historical and ethnographic research, and an extensive, already existing body of vampire fiction.

Please feel free to check out the website we left to learn about the origin of literary Vampires.

Now, let’s look at Vampires through Anne’s eyes again; the spark that started the fire.

A San Francisco journalist, Daniel Molloy, (who is referred to in the novel as boy) sits down to do an interview with a 200 year old vampire, Louis de Pointe du Lac. He begins the story of his life as a human in a town just south of New Orleans where he owned a plantation. As the interview progresses, he explains to Molloy, his journey into vampirism and darkness. Enter his creator, Lestat de Lioncourt. *Inion swoons*

So, a San Francisco journalist that interviews a vampire… Sound nutty to you? Can we picture Diane Sawyer interviewing Dracula?

Fast forward to the year 1994 and the film adaptation on the big screen thanks to the collaboration of several artists: Author Anne Rice, Screenwriter/Director Neil Jordan and the phenomenal cast of Artists: Antonio Banderas, Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst and yes….once again Brad Pitt. Okay, this feels like the right time for a Montage…A Brad Pitt Montage. So here goes.

For your enjoyment; And ours!!

You’re welcome ladies!! Where were we……ahh yes, ARTISTS! Costume Designer, Composer of the musical score and many, many more sharing their artistry towards the idea to create a unique work of art.

We have often heard that there is no more room for originality. But each and every day, we are amazed at fresh, innovative ideas from fellow artists. Whether it’s original or merely their version of an idea as seen uniquely through their eyes. And, maybe that’s what it all boils down too, different perspectives.

After all, we artists should see in life, what others miss.

We are the third eye of the Universe.

And with this gift, we have a responsibility; to all those who take part in our dreams by showing them what we see….inside of us. That is why writing is vulnerable, because you pour out your soul for all to see. But oh what a feeling when they come into your world and embrace your vision. Synchronicity at it’s finest.

Meet Artist, James G. Fischetti ~ Part II

Welcome back to the second part of: Meet Artist James G. Fischetti. We’ll open the interview with some of his work, then get right to the questions.   ;)

(INM) When we visited your website, we we’re amazed at the many kinds of art your currently into. You seem to venture outside the mainstream & have many different avenues.

a.) tell us a little about each.

b.) which is your favorite to do.

(JGF) Although my preference is painting, the mediums I may use can be endless. I have sometimes referred to myself as having caveman technique, which gets summoned using a lot of raw emotion and relying very little on technique that, although could make my job easier, tends to force me to be more conscious throughout the experience which is not necessarily what I’m looking for.

(JGF)  I have very little formal training and preferred to study on my own. Working with the development of non/techniques I have found new ways of communicating my ideas; many times these progressions are based on my experimentation with new materials. Any and all materials are fair game. Outside of painting I have dedicated a big part of my life to music.

(JGF)  This is something that I utilize all of the methods I employ as a painter. Being a visual artist taught me to be an intuitive musician. In some ways, the act of improvising as a musician has an added incentive in that the energy released, has the capability to bounce back to me from the other musicians that happen to be involved. I don’t see these mediums as being entirely different. In music I am searching for sonic elements and dynamics that parallel the dynamics of color and texture that I utilize in painting. I believe the potential that music can have has barely been touched upon in our lifetime. Once we can break away from our conventions that we so tightly grip to, we will see that there are other languages available to us that can transform our experience and elevate the species. I hope I live long enough to see that.

(INM)  Computers seem to be a tool used in your art. Tell us a bit about that.

(JGF) I use the computer when I’m away from the studio. The machine is essential today for anyone working with photography. I have some real joy working with it because it’s so much easier than working in the darkroom with chemicals. On the other hand some of the joy is taken out. I was doing things organically with photographic emulsion and chemistry almost 20 years ago that rivaled much of what I see today that is considered groundbreaking. I worked in the darkroom for more than 30 years. I really put the time in on manipulating photographs the traditional way which gave me a huge head start when moving into the digital world. Although I enjoy playing around with digital photography, I have a hard time taking it seriously and have very little interest in showing it in a gallery situation. I still prefer the organic quality of the painting materials. I found a middle ground by collaging photography into the paintings.

(INM) My father was a painter and said that it was a way for him to release bottled energy and an overcreative imagination. What & how does art serve you?

(JGF) Your father said it all, really. It is about energy.

(JGF)  Not just the energy that we store up inside of us but the energy of the universe that can be tapped into if you take the time to find its sweet spots.

(JGF)  I’m one who believes that you are born an artist or you are not. I believe people can use it as a craft to make technical things and some beautiful decorations but usually those people can just as easily let it go to pursue other interests. I think art school is a place only useful for its connections and networking. Art school should be pursued by those who want a career in commercial art or advertising, or to teach kids. To make a contribution to this life of some significance one needs to live it first. It takes a long time to have the maturity of having something to say. Today young people are so eager for quick notoriety, it’s that instant gratification thing. But it shows in the work and I think we have that problem more than ever these days. Some galleries grab some of these artists right out of school and their work often shows that. I think it’s a big mistake but here we are.


(INM) Your paintings are passionate & invoke debate. Least it did in our home. Is your work intended to pass along a message? To bring light to a particular subject or is it simply a reflection of what your imagination created that day?

(JGF) I am attempting to orchestrate and convey what I want to see, what I need to see, what’s not being achieved by many others. I have the utmost respect for those who have paved the way for us and somehow feel the need to make a contribution that can honor that. I am trying to tap into the unconscious. I am trying above all to achieve the impossible. This is the only adequate goal I can hope to strive for. To consciously try to achieve what I know cannot be achieved, but along the way uncover some clues. This is what is exciting for me. All the rest I feel is the ego looking for acknowledgement.

CherryBlossom (2)

(INM) The worlds changing every second. How do you see art changing in the future? Where do you see it taking us in this digital age of technology?

(JGF) Early on I had a strong connection with cultures other than my own and I really jumped into that with all my energy. Today I realize I need my work to transcend culture to speak of what is humanity. The work that satisfies me the most today implies some global, cultural feeling without outright saying it. In other words, without using actual symbols or motifs used in non-western cultures but giving the feeling of these influences in a subconscious way. This I see as a development toward the future of art. The artist speaking as pure nature by tapping into the larger consciousness.

(INM) Tell us some names of artists, such as yourself, who we should be looking out for. Modern day art warriors who are influencing the world as we know it & taking art to new places.

(JGF) Of course that is very difficult when there is so much out there to experience. I have had the great fortune to forge a long term alliance with my favorite painter that’s working today, Ouattara Watts. Close to 20 years ago I met him by chance on the subway the day after seeing his work which completely changed my perception regarding what painting was capable of. This grew into a long and fruitful friendship that continues to be a source of inspiration to this day. He has schooled me to the many mysteries of the elusive art world and warned me early on the many of its shrouded trappings. I am extremely fortunate to have this deep friendship because it’s important for anyone trying to jump into the void to have at least one person to talk to about it each time they make it back. Even with this, the artists’ lot is certainly a solitary one.

(JGF) I think anyone who attempts to delve into the world of the artist is doing themselves and everyone who looks at what they are doing a disservice by not finding out as much as they can about those who came before us. Most people evolving in contemporary western society often has way too many distractions and influences to bypass knowing this history. I see it all as a giant art history puzzle that’s intertwined with our political history, if there are missing pieces it will be hard to have a firm grasp at what’s going on and how to take the next step.


(INM) Its feeling as though the Art community is tightly woven and closed off to outsiders. There is a shared view that art has become entirely too pretentious. Although the artists themselves seem to be the exact opposite, very humble & all about how it makes each individual feel. What do you think about this and do you see a lot of this where you live and in the artistic community?

(JGF) Yes, of course! I live in New York and you can’t walk very far without encountering people like that. It shouldn’t matter if someone is talking about art or they are talking about grapefruits. There is no excuse for this kind of rude behavior. This is the world we live in. We will always encounter people who don’t realize that they are part of you and you are part of them, so they make a knee-jerk reaction that is more of a statement regarding how they wish to be perceived by who they think is important, than any kind of genuine response to what someone may be trying to say. We all thought that at a certain point until we mature to realize that we don’t know. Unfortunately the art world seems to have its share of people who can never connect with you because they have no idea how to listen. Once they stop talking, they will watch your mouth move until it stops so they can continue on where they left off. These are often people who will only listen long enough to find out what you can do for them. On the other hand there are always genuine people out there who share in the joys life has to offer and are a pleasure to be with and exchange ideas regarding the senseless joy of being alive.

(INM) Is there a platform for artists to follow? Are you encouraged to build a platform online or is it wholly different than the literary world.

(JGF) The way it appears to me is that there is no platform. There is no standard. There is no way to get a gallery to sign you unless they get to know you as a person and can identify that you are someone worth investing in. There are politics at work in every field where there is money to be made. Everyone that has the ability to make a decision regarding putting someone’s career into motion has obligations to take care of the people who are in their inner circles. People who they have worked with in some capacity or who was introduced to them by someone they know and respect. Everyone has to not only put the work in but also wait for their turn.


(INM) It’s been a blast looking into the Artistic world of James Fischetti. Tell us what we can expect from you in the future.

(JGF) I can’t tell you what to expect from me in the future because I don’t know what to expect from myself. I can just hope to maintain my health that’s needed to continue forging ahead and honing my work to be ready when it’s my turn.

Thank you James, for stopping by & chatting with us on Two Voices….One Thought. For those that would like leave James a comment & he’ll answer any questions. Thanks!! ;)

Please be sure to visit James’ website & take some time to look at his collection of stunning art.









Meet Artist James G. Fischetti

We are so excited about our next interview, with fellow Artist James G. Fischetti. James lives far from our Smoky Mountains but it wasn’t by chance or the internet that we met him. My husband, Inion’s father (Vinny) is childhood friends with James. As you all know, Vinny is a drummer and played music with James and says. “He’s one helluva bassist.”


I first heard about James when I was dating Vinny and we began sharing our childhood stories. He was among the list of what my Husby calls “Real friends.” When asked about him, Vin said: “He’s a true Artist in every sense of the word.”

When Inion and I began looking at his work, we we’re amazed by his talent.

studio4 studio1


We can’t tell you what an honor it is to have James on Two Voices….One Thought. This is a lengthy interview so we’ve put it into two parts so that you can digest everything and experience the Art by James G. Fischetti.

James is a New Yorker and still lives there today; cause let’s face it, if you want to be an Artist, what better place than New York? The melting pot and Art Mecca of the world, New York offers Artists the fusion of imagination, while embracing diverse cultures harmoniously; and this animated environment can be seen in James’ work. Here are the first few questions we asked.

  1. How old we’re you when you first picked up a paintbrush? When you first looked at a canvas and wanted to fill it with the images from your mind?

(JGF) I had an early start. I was very young when my mother had the rare foresight to expose me to art with specific attention paid to painting. She was a painter herself at the time so I saw some technique up close very early. She also exposed me to the old masters as well as some moderns by providing me with an enormous book collection that had pretty much everything I needed at the time. Although I was too young to comprehend what I was looking at in these books, I was fascinated. For some reason I had an immediate attraction toward images of sex and death. Rubens nudes and scenes of hell were what caught my attention the most. Although I was only 5 or 6 years old this had an effect on my direction. I didn’t become obsessed by it or anything but I learned to realize early on that it was something not to be ashamed or afraid of. So in a way I had bypassed a long phase of fear and embarrassment that turns out to be a big waste of time for many people. At the same time anything that was even remotely surreal would interest me. I would scour over every page looking for even the tiniest of images of something unfamiliar. These artists were my allies and I knew even then that I was one of them.


The work of Peter Paul Rubens ~

2.  Who were some of your earlier influences?

(JGF) Because of my fortune at having this fantastic collection of books to peruse I was constantly changing my viewpoint from one style to the next. I was equally enthralled by Carravaggio:


and Ingres:

as I was to Max Ernst:

and Duchamp:

(JGF) About the same time, still early grade school, I was interested in reading Edgar Allen Poe and other classics as well as being preoccupied with Norse mythology. I yearned to be a viking while my classmates wanted to be firemen and policemen.

(I was so moved by the Norse myths at that time that it was no big stretch for my later fascination with African traditional culture.)

(JGF) Soon after I discovered comic books. I was lucky because at that time, ‘60’s – ‘70’s, Marvel comics were very sophisticated with a dialogue that was largely responsible for fostering an extended vocabulary. More importantly those comics were drawn with realism in regards to human anatomy. This is where I learned to draw the human figure at such an early age. Unfortunately, by the 1980’s the comics made a swift decline toward dumbed-down juvenile dialogue and overly stylized drawing, where one would have no chance to learn anything other than how to copy a style created by someone else. A real shame for the kids growing up afterward. (Inion is loving this!! Comic book nerd that she is!)

The work of Jack Kirby:

Lord of Light by Jack Kirby

God by Jack Kirby:

Picture: Jack Kirby

(JGF) As a teenager I stumbled upon some painters that I would hold in the highest regard later in life, but at that moment I arrogantly scoffed at them for their lack of technical ability in reproducing scenes and objects from the physical world. I just did not possess the necessary vocabulary that was needed to comprehend these sophisticated painters. I often now refer to something we need to develop over time that I call Visual Literacy. We need to gain visual experience in order to grasp certain things that resonate beyond the surface with a coded language. We’re not all ready to understand everything we see and hear at the moment we see and hear it until we’ve understood the vocabulary that was used by the minds that created it. It’s just the way it is and there seem to be no shortcuts. Today that idea is dwindling away because we’re living in a time where “everybody knows everything about everything”, as if we’re born with this information.

2.  Tell us the initial process to start one of your pieces.

(JGF) The initial process for my work is often as simple as getting into the studio and having the energy to stand on my own two feet. My work is essentially about moving energy. I always put an emphasis on going beyond where I had been before. Chance plays a huge part in what I’m trying to achieve because I have a loving trust in nature. I am aware of the spontaneous act, so I’m always looking for natural occurrences that coincide with what my nervous system is attempting to convey at that moment. I often work on a canvas in an inverted position to create a quality of line that would be unlikely to achieve any other way. The quality of one’s line speaks volumes about one’s nature.

When I see human beings experiencing joy or when religious initiates lapse into trance states, I’m reminded of something I believe my subconscious is trying to reveal to me. I see a coded language in nature that compels me at intervals that become shorter and shorter over time. This creates a constant creative energy source. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have this type of experience to guide my life. The endless voyage.


3.  What is the time frame it takes to create one of your masterpieces? And please tell us the shortest time frame to the longest.

(JGF) Thank you for your kind words but I wouldn’t consider anything that I’ve done up to this point as a masterpiece. I have been working consistently for close to 35 years without stopping for any significant amount of time and I am just now approaching a level of workmanship that I would consider to be competent.

I feel this way because I’m serious about what I’m doing and I’m trying to make a significant contribution towards the insights of my fellow man. I’m searching for a way to express something that transcends the visual and can reach a part of us that may contribute to how we experience reality.

The amount of time it takes to complete a work can vary from 10 minutes to 10 years. I have worked and overworked paintings to the point where I eventually destroyed the canvas by over saturating it with medium and other times I’ve quickly harnessed the proper energy and completed some works in minutes.

Very often I can spend several hours only looking at a painting in various stages of completion, meditating on the endless variations and possibilities that can be achieved. ________________________________________________________________________________(inm) Art has branched out into so many avenues that it’s hard to keep up with the sea of creations.  Things that normally wouldn’t even be considered art are now viewed as just that….art! 

We we’re at a show a few years back and heard teenage artist David Anderson say; “Grafiti is to art what comic books are to the literary world.” 4. Is that just one young artists view? Or do you believe that grafiti has a place in the art world?

Yes, I agree with that statement because I see both of these mediums, graffiti and comic books to have validity as their own entities. I don’t see graffiti as being a viable form to be shown in galleries or as a part of the history of art at this point. Perhaps after 100 years it will be looked at for its sociological significance the way some ancient Roman graffiti is studied today. They have tried many times to “legitimize” graffiti by putting it in a gallery situation and it just doesn’t ever seem to work out. In one way, it is what it is, and once you try to take it out of it’s environment it becomes something else. None of the graffiti artists that were shown in galleries in the ‘80’s ever had careers that amounted to anything significant. Nor has that experience enabled them to grow to something beyond where they started. Where are they today? I know some people may take offense to this statement but it’s better to be honest, isn’t it? It’s just about something else. Today I see many other forms that I think should be questioned in terms of being presented in a gallery situation. It’s only currently that painting that has served another purpose such as illustrating a story for a science fiction magazine or drawing that works better in a comic book format are finding their place on the walls of a gallery. These illustrative forms along with graphic design and fashion drawing are becoming more and more recognized in the gallery situation. I find this may be a mistake when these forms aren’t being transformed to reach us in a way that can reach us universally. I think it’s being done partly out of desperation because it’s become increasingly harder to orchestrate a painting with originality today. It’s a hard thing to make something that can break through and stand the test of time, especially with painting. Young artists today are focusing more on fashionable elements, things like video games and skateboards and tattoos, etc, not to say subject matter should really matter when in the hands of a good artist but this is where their inspiration comes from, from things that won’t mean a thing in days to come when the new fashionable elements are there. Look, I’m not a purist by any means. I’m not against progress but it should be just that, progress by means of moving forward, by taking from the past and present and offering something not only transforming but something that can lead us to something stronger. We are increasingly moving into an age of solitary thinking, where people are caught in a net of their own particular interests, shielding them from new ideas that could otherwise have a trans-formative effect on how they can have meaningful interactions. This can lead to a lopsided viewpoint that puts limits on progress.


Noe Two

We hope you enjoyed the first part interview with James G. Fischetti. We’ll be posting the other in two weeks. See you there!! (I’m sure James would luv to hear from our blogging buds, so please “Feel free to vent”)




Jess Witkins Happiness Project ~ I’m Enough ~ Learning Lessons From A Mirror…

For those of you who have never had the privilege of meeting this beautiful red-haired lady, Inion N. Mathair would like to introduce you to, Jess Witkins. We met Jess, through another phenomenal red-head, Marcia Richards Blog. Super Awesome Blog (We’ll bring Marcia on another post!! ;) xo )

Jess Witkins is such an incredible young woman who blogs about Life, Love, Writing, Family, Books, Travel, Chocolate and WOMEN!! Yes, WOMEN…Strong, Supportive, Artistic, Brilliant, WOMEN!! Which is why we absolutely luv this lady!! She’s always dropping rays of her bright sunshine across the blogosphere and is a major supporter of Writers & Books. She’s utterly adorable and absolutely Fun!!



she recently tied the knot. (swoons) That post is a beautiful, romantic one that we highly recommend you check out. MY BIG FAT SECRET GREEK WEDDING ~

Jess married in  Santorini, Greece. Uhh, yeah…cuz if you’re gonna get married, why not make the backdrop Greece!!

Recently we visited Jess’ blog & found a post we particularly loved. We wanted to Press that baby, but Jess’ blog isn’t WordPress so instead, we decided to do a post ourselves then give Jess’ Blog address and the video.

JESS’ BLOG POST: I’m Enough ~

Does the mirror reflect your worth?

This is the question that a group of women from Austen, TX came together to answer. But first, they started a band.

Their group is called The Mrs.

Unable to connect with the songs they were hearing on the radio, well past the years of the teenage heartbreak and club beats, they sought to create music inspired by their own lives as passionate – and busy – wives, mothers, and girlfriends.

The all-female rock band is comprised of drummer Andra Liemandt, lead vocalists/guitarists Mandy Prater and Jennifer Zavaleta, vocals/keyboardist Larissa Ness, and bassist Jenny Mason.

They wrote a song called ‘I’m Enough.’ And from that song, they gave birth to a movement.

For the rest of this post, hop on over to Jess’ Blog & enjoy!!!

JESS’ BLOG POST: I’m Enough ~



The Sisterwives


We got a little heavy with the last post, so we wanted to do something more near and dear to our hearts. And anyone that knows us well, knows Inion N. Mathair LOVES spotlighting other Artists. Throw in these 9 lovely ladies as the subject:

And well…..

So for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting these women, it gives us great pleasure to introduce you to a group of phenomenal writers and extraordinary ladies known as:  THE SISTERWIVES

Now the name alone, is quite unique and spawns all kinds of crazy images you play with from crazy Soap Opera Series…..


To Southern relationships gone wrong…

But when put with these Dynamic Literary Diva’s well it’s just down right potent, utterly brilliant & all kinds of sexy!!! <3

A powerful Sisterhood that’s agenda is supporting each other and spreading that support to anyone else who might need it. All through the power of writing.


We can’t say it as beautifully as one of the Sisterwives did. (Lizzi ~ CONSIDERINGS)

“We allow people to see some of our very darkest moments because we know that to be able to find solace and the depiction of a darkness of your own, in someone else’s writing, is a very powerful thing indeed.”

“We reached out, tightened the bonds between us and prepared to collectively resonate so hard that we will be heard across the Blogosphere.”

“We will strive to let our readers know that whatever their challenge, they are not alone;”

Oh yeah…she’s that freaking awesome!! A deep thinker sensitive to life and others she gives oceans of her heart in every word she forms in that beautiful little head of hers!! And its all sincere and selfless making Lizzi Rogers a jewel among the blogosphere!!! Her blog: “CONSIDERINGS” takes the reader on a journey touched by sunshine and all kinds of positive energy to anyone who needs a dose; and with Lizzi~Girl, all are welcome!! ;) What makes Lizzi crazy loved by all who know her is her eternal philosophy that your cup is never half-empty but always half-full!!

Her constant support of those around her leaves her halo always bright & her wings never tired!!

And her positivity has spread through the blogosphere like a wild-brushfire!!!

However, she is but one of the 9 women who are living parts of this body of feminine-power called THE SISTERWIVES. So, let us introduce you to the others.

The next Sisterwife is no stranger to Inion N. Mathair and if you’re friends with us, then you absolutely know the Blonde-Texan with a warm heart and hysterical sense of humor. Beth Teliho “Bethie” as we like to call her, is without a doubt the essence of Female strength, touched by pure Southern charm. She is an animated creature larger than life, yet wholly accessible to all, in that she’s the “girl-next-door.” That perfect girl-friend that will teach you how to throw a right hook to knock out that bastard that double-crossed you.

And on Friday night give up her date-night to join you, (spoon in hand) to polish off a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s.

Now, for those that don’t know, I (Inion) have a bit of a “Girl-crush” on Beth…it’s true!! Sorry Bethie but I have to get it out there!!! (The stalking charges and restraining order are mere tokens) lmfao. But then everyone has a freaking crush on her once they’ve met her!! She’s that fan-fu**ing-tastic!! Her blog: “Writer B Is Me” leaves you laughing your ass off while you relate to every single word that comes out of that firecracker’s mouth!! With Blog-post-titles such as:

1.)  WTF’S, Beards, BJ’s, and Anniversaries. Related, But Not.

2.)  Did she just…grab my ASS?!

3.)  I’m A Whore

4.)  Nudie Resorts And The Ass Dance

The woman personifies what a truly perfect sense of humor should be!! Thus the “Girl-crush” And with eight of her Sisterwives present, I’m saying that knowing I’ll probably get my ass kicked!! ;)

Yet in the same sense, she has a precious warmth and soft side that captures your heart and mind, leaving you perplexed and intrigued with her vulnerability.

So, don’t wait!! After you check out THE SISTERWIVES swing  by her blog: Writer B Is Me and Ingest the Words. Like little blue pills, they will affect you.

Next Sisterwife we would like you to check out is one of Mathair’s favorite Poet’s. Deanna Herrmann is an Artistic Chameleon with too many gifts to list. Course Mathair considers her an indulgence and says her poetry is as addictive as Salted Caramel and just as sinfully delicious. Her blog: “My Muted Voice” is a favorite haunt of ours as we devour any and everything she writes. A gem within the blogosphere she spends most all of her time supporting other Artists and hosting more than one blog within the community. You’ll definitely want to check out this American Writer living a charmed  life in Germany while finding her, Muted Voice. And oh what a voice she has. A deliciously dark Diva, she is a must read.                

Now for the fourth Sisterwife but the first in Mathair’s book, we introduce you to a lady who’s blog-name is not representative of who she truly is. WHAT?! Was that an insult? We hate those loaded compliments that seem to be praises but are really a dis.


But with Sandy Ramsey, it’s always a compliment.

Her blog: “Mother of Imperfection” is a candid look at motherhood from a lady who’s mastered that role. Shown from her humble point of view, she is without a doubt one of the finest mothers on this planet and her words are filled with wisdom and utter love and devotion. Whereas some use Yoga, meditation, gyms or the Bible, Mathair likes to read Sandy’s posts to even her world while finding sound reason to her problems from Sandy’s experiences. Me, I just love to absorb her glorious “light that only gets in through the cracks.” And then there’s Mathair’s obsession with Sandy’s resemblance to Meryl Streep!! Wait…that’s a whole other post! ;) xoxo

Our next Sisterwife is another Blonde-Bombshell from the Lonestar State but this star, shines brighter than any!!

Mandi has a brilliantly, strong mind with enough feminine attitude to keep you laughing and shouting for days!! Like a good Pentecostal meeting in a church below the Mason Dixon line, you’ll find yourself raising your hand, amen’ing~(is that a word? We’re going with it!) dancing, singing and speaking in tongues as you devour each and every story while laughing your ass off!! Mandi’s greatest gift is sharing her life while tapping into yours!! Can’t tell you how much we luv this lady you’ll just have to read her words for yourself. Besides, anyone who can strap a Blog-name: Cellulite Looks Better Tan and totally make that shit not only work but scripture…. SOLD!!!!!! ;) One of our favorite all-time posts:  The Penis Monologues is just one of the many brilliant ones this writer shares within our blogging community. So take a ride on the Reading Railroad, pass Go, collect your $200.00…..

Then head on over to:

& be sure to tell Mandi, that her friends, Inion N. Mathair sent you!! ;) xoxo

Now, although we could research and write words that others have said…WE DON’T! Of the nine (9) women who make up “The Sisterwives” Inion N. Mathair is only close to five (5). Our loss for sure, because anyone who links themselves with these ladies above, has to be extraordinary. But we haven’t had the pleasure to spend time with them or read their work YET!! (Well…all except Laurie who we’ve been delving into off & on for the past few months between writing. Shhh!!!!! LUV HER~ So we’ll leave their names below and tell you that once we’re done with our book, we will be following their blogs and reading as much as we can, while finding out who these phenomenal ladies are and then….another post re-introducing them; and we absolutely can’t wait!!


A BUICK IN THE LAND OF LEXUS ~ Fresh Hell Trumps Stale Heaven

Hasty Words:

Turning Tears & Laughter Into Words.


Resilient Audacity ~ The Art of Bold Comebacks

Jennie Saia:

The Tip Of My Tongue ~ Where The Wild Words Are

And there you have them, all 9 of the Sisterwives. For now, we will tell you that these 9 women have tapped into literary cosmic harmony that is felt by all who share with them.

The Sisterwives Blog-site:

 Blog-rock-stars, famous for the impact they have made on so many lives through writing.


They will leave their Footprints on the world…

their Blog-print’s on our hearts;

Their words haunting our minds forever…

And their beautiful lights dancing above our dark world!

Okay, so it felt like a Bon Jovi moment…..sue us!!! Enjoy ;) xoxo


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