“Mother is the name of God in the lips and hearts of little children.”

William Makepeace Thackeray


Let’s dust off the old keyboard and get these fingers back to doing what they love, telling stories. Hi, everyone. Inion here and yes it has been way too long. Mathair and I have missed you all. Why the long break? Well, our newly published novel New Salem Chronicles: The 13 Reapers required much tender, love and care as it was the first book we ever wrote together and was definitely not publishable at its state. After that we took some personal time off. Mathair and I were promoted at our 9-5 and I’ve moved into a new place with my boyfriend. As you can see, a lot has been going on for us in the past month or so. Yet, we’ve always tried to stay connected in one way or another with our writing community while working on the last installment of the Bastard Chronicles, Come and See.

Once we regrouped, Mathair informed me that our writing community and platform was the most important aspect of our career as it is you all that we owe everything to. Mathair thusly spake, “Tis you, reaper of the scribes, that will breathe life back into ‘Two Voices, One Thought’.” Or at least that’s what it sounded like to me.

So, it was my turn to post something on the blog and I happily obliged. I sat down on the couch with Supernatural quietly in the background (#waywardsonsanddaughters) and… nothing. I had something I never experienced before, writer’s block. Had it been too long? Was the writing mojo gone? Did I need to forgo the glass and just drink the wine right out of the bottle? (The last question gets a yes every time.)

I called Mathair immediately and told her of my dilemma. As you all know, Mathair and I don’t sugarcoat things with each other so this should come as no surprise to you that she informed me to get off my ass, stop pouting like a baby and do what I do best”, which is writing. At least I hope that’s what she was implying. I’d hate to think her idea of my potential greatness was limited to mahjong. (Not to sound cocky, but I am boss at mahjong.)

I racked my brain and found inspiration in the oddest of places. One would never think of retail as a source for creativity, but you would be surprised. It is a constant source as it is a cesspool of people, people with stories. I was promoted to department manager of Fabrics/Crafts, Stationary and Celebrations and it was in the latter that I found inspiration for this new post. After finalizing the Mother’s Day area of seasonal for celebrations, I realized the importance Mother’s Day.

Working retail gives one a complete disdain for any holiday. You grow cynical and indifferent to things that once held such wonder and excitement. Of course, mother’s day, father’s day and grandparent’s day has lost a lot of its importance, being reduced to a mere annoyance and rush to any Hallmark aisle and/or floral shop.

Let’s look at this in a different light. Don’t think of Mother’s day as just a reason to head to your local store and pick something up last-minute for your mom so her feelings aren’t hurt or so she doesn’t nag you to death about being a bad son/daughter. This is a holiday. By definition a holiday is a day of celebration or remembrance fixed by law. This is a day to honor the woman who helped bring you into this world, who gave you life, who carried you in her body for nine months and took care of you until you were able to care for yourself. If you’re like me and my brother, (who are 30 and 20 btw) Mathair is still taking care of us in some aspects of our lives. Of course, Momma has always said that a mother’s job is never done. And so, in light of this very special month coming up, I dedicate this post to Mathair… and my Nana, who helped raise me and is the head momma in our family. 😉


Inion N. Mathair is, after all, a three generation business. I represent Inion (Daughter), Momma is Mathair (Mother) and our manager is truly the heart and soul of our family, my Nana and Mathair’s Momma. Rooted firmly in Mathair’s Celtic heritage, our business is represented by the triquetra. For those of you that do not know the triquetra honors the Neo-Pagan triple goddess in her three stages: mother, maid and crone. It celebrates all stages of female life with the last cycle of Crone being the most regarded and respected of the three as she is the wisest.


I would like first to talk about my mother, Natalie Dawn Mallory-Perrone. Married at seventeen and a mother before she was nineteen, Natalie managed to get her GED and work up to becoming Florida Department of Law Enforcement Crimes Against Children bureaus head secretary while attending college to further her career before I was one.

She always challenges me to be the best person I can be to better the world rather than for my own selfish gain. She sees potential in me when no one else does. She uplifts me in my darkest times, inspires me to reach higher planes when I am willing to accept defeat, finds beauty in my flaws, loves me when I am unlovable and knows me better than I know myself.

Her untamable spirit, powerful independence, feminine strength and unconstrained creativity are just a few of the many qualities that I aspire to have. I love you, Momma, and I want to thank you for all of your sacrifices (you’ve made so many to ensure mine and my brother’s happiness), for all of the laughs (you are quite literally the funniest person I know), for the tough love (because God knows it prepared Vince and I for hardships of life and bettered us as human beings), for being THE shoulder to cry on (even though I try to hold back the tears), for your unceasing love, understanding and open mind and your ability to put up with our unfathomable stupidity. Happy Mother’s day.


Next is my Nana, Ginger (Lavinia) Elizabeth Mallory. Married at fourteen and a mother at fifteen, Ginger Mallory overcame so many hardships but you could never tell by looking/talking to her. The heart and soul of Inion N. Mathair and our family, if it hadn’t been for Nana, we’d have already killed each other. They say patience is a virtue and so I believe that my Nana should’ve been officially sainted a long time ago. Nana never shows any sign of irritation, aggression or worry and it’s not because we haven’t put her through the ringer. The Mallory’s/Perrone’s are champs at trying people’s patience, but Nana never broke.

Whereas Mathair is the wild, spirited mustang, Nana is the strong, quiet oak and her love is just as unbreakable. The first person to cheer us on and the loudest cheerleader in the room, Nana has been to every school function, church play, holiday, book reading/signing and step we’ve taken.

My grandmother was the first person to hold me when I came into this world and she’s been first in line for me ever since. There is nothing I can’t do in her eyes, no height I can’t reach and it’s that positive reinforcement that continues to keep me striving for the best.

I’ve never experienced a love as strong as the one I receive from my grandmother. I’ve never seen a heart so or soul so pure. And while it’s in our Celtic nature to bite and devour one another, Nana is always there to keep us together. The heart and soul of our family, the glue that binds us, the positive smile in our sea of cynical frowns and arrogant smirks, my grandmother is truly the embodiment of strength and love. Happy Mother’s Day, Nana.

I have a fount of feminine inspiration and heroes that I aspire to be. And though I’m partial to mine, I’m sure you do as well. So this mother’s day, don’t moan and groan as you shuffle into the store the night before because you forgot; don’t shy away from mushy cards because you damn well know your momma will appreciate it and don’t forget that the best gift any mother could ask for is simply to show that you care. It can be a card, candy, afternoon tea, a phone call, kiss on the cheek or a simple ‘I love you’. Happy Mother’s day to all of the momma’s out there. Thank you for putting up with us and loving us unconditionally. I mean, just look what our momma’s gotta put up with….