The Fat Lady Has Sung!

Hallelujah our book, “The Crazy 8” has launched and is now available on Kindle or Paperback at Amazon!

This has been a tough journey to see this book to the end. But we stayed the course and can finally say that the second book in the Bastard Chronicles is now published; Kevin’s journey continues.

We’ve set up our book events in the local areas (North Carolina & Georgia) and will be spending the next few days setting up our on line interviews in hopes of getting the word out. We can’t thank all of you enough for your love and support throughout this time. Now, there’s only one thing left….

For those who’ve been fans of the series and supported us, we would like to invite all of you to take a trip to Amazon & purchase your copy of The Crazy 8.

For those who haven’t read the first book we will be leaving the address to start there.

A special thank you to all of our team: Ginger Mallory, Nick DeMarsico, Roschelle Morgan, Eric Aaddnesen, Crystal Aadnesen, Kira Renee Batts, & Allan Douglas.

Book Synopsis: I’d like to think the world is full of color, but that’s just not the way things work. Life is black and white and spectrum’s narrow into slits of neutrality while opposites dissipate into a stoic populace of Stepford assholes and Kool-Aid drinkers. The transition was slow enough to seem like progress and deadly enough to be effective. Nobody predicted it would happen; nobody but me. The players are in position and the games ready to start. Welcome to the New World Order; welcome to Hell on Earth; this is the Apocalypse.

Tagline~ As Heaven and Hell prepare for war, the world waits for a leader to rise and fate has chosen one mouthy little bastard.

Introductions Please…

THE CRAZY 8 (Bastard Chronicles)


As Heaven and Hell prepare for war, the world waits for a leader to rise and fate has chosen one mouthy little bastard

Our book The Crazy 8 still isn’t published but a little birdy told us that it’s only a matter of days before it’s big debut into the world. We thought we would introduce you to the characters as seen inside our head.

It’s an interesting thing writing books. The characters are as real as family members which is why Inion & I call them our babies. Some of you may remember them from our first book in the series, The Perfect 7. But we’ve lost a few along the way & added a few others.

The Cast of Characters in: The Crazy 8 (Bastard Chronicles)

Main Character: Kevin Yager (The Beautiful Aaron Johnson *for you Bethie)

Dahlia: (Rachelle Lefevre)


Nelius – Cornelius Irving (Malcolm David Kelley)

Nan – Nan Amurri (Vanessa Lengies)

Simon Atkins (Sean Hayes)

Tootsie The Pooch (Jill The Dog)


Lennon (Lamman Rucker)

Viktor Vikirrus (Jeremy Irons)

Reeves Larkin (Clive Owen)

Franqueza (Penelope Cruz)

Amos Prince (Michael Fassbender)

And there you have it… the faces that filled our minds while writing The Crazy 8. We hope to have the book to you very, very soon!!

Synopsis: I’d like to think the world is full of color, but that’s just not the way things work. Life is black and white and spectrum’s narrow into slits of neutrality while opposites dissipate into a stoic populace of Stepford assholes and Kool-Aid drinkers. The transition was slow enough to seem like progress and deadly enough to be effective. Nobody predicted it would happen; nobody but me. The players are in position and the games ready to start. Welcome to the New World Order; welcome to Hell on Earth; this is the Apocalypse.


Surprise-Surprise!!! And the Winner is…..

We would like to thank J. Cornell Michel once again, for honoring us with an interview on Two Voices….One Thought.

We would also like to thank our blogging buddies for taking the time to come by & meet this phenomenal lady!!

And now we have a surprise for all of you. We decided to award not one, but two of J’s books. If you’re not selected please swing by Amazon & grab your copy of: JORDAN’S BRAINS A Zombie Evolution (her first book)


where's my dinner



And now for the winner; drumroll please…

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. The first winner is: Meno~Mama.

The second Winner is: Carrie Rubin.

The winners make sure to send us your email so we can get those to you.

Congratulations!!! And thanks again Jillian  😉 xo


Meet Horror Author J. Cornell Michel

Well, we’re here today on Two Voices…One Thought, with our all-time favorite Zombie Author, J. Cornell Michel.

Are we giddy? As hell!! Jillian is one phenomenal writer with a delicious appetite for what we love best…..horror!! This lady has written and published four successful books. We first met her having heard: “Jordan’s Brains: A Zombie Evolution,” was nominated for the 2013 Best in Horror award by What Horror Looks Like.

Once we read the book we were hooked and have been huge fans ever since. It’s funny because Inion and I were at a writing workshop years ago in Georgia and heard the speaker say that Zombies were making a comeback. We were like…furreal? They’re making a comeback huh? But the truth is, Zombies never left. They just blasted on the scene with more panache and a greater hunger for flesh only the modern day zombie brings with it smarter writing, better acting and an end of the world thrill that has yet to be matched!!

No longer can one say that they’re not into that genre and that it doesn’t offer them anything in the way of plots, quality acting or big-budget-films. With movies like:

The Crazies

I Am Legend

World War Z

and Zombieland

And actors linked to them such as: Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Woody Harrelson, Milla Jovovich and Timothy Olyphant the box office is sold out every time.


As a fan of the video games logging hours and hours of addictive zombie slaying, the industry has made way for a multi-billion dollar industry of edgy zombie-killing madness that leaves the player tired-eyed and their only dilemma being whether to use a Molotov cocktail, chainsaw, an AK-47 or a machete.

But if you want to get your fix of zombies through books….look no further, because we have the queen of the dead right here and ready to interview. The only thing that could be better than this is seeing those books of hers on the big screen!!! Her list of babies include:

Jordan’s Brains A Zombie Evolution

Where’s My Dinner?

Zombie Zeitgeist Short Stories by J. Cornell Michel

‘Twas the Bite Before Christmas

We just so happen to own three of these horror gems but today will be focusing on the last one we read: Where’s My Dinner

where's my dinner


In the mid-1950’s, a virus begins turning only women into zombies. As fearsome female flesh-eaters rampage, society begins to crumble.


(INM) What inspired you to set a story in the mid 1950’s?

(JCM) It was a time when women were pressured into making careers out of taking care of their children and homes, which is wonderful if that’s what you want to do. But during that time women were discouraged from having careers outside the home. In a culture that associates money with power, the women of that time weren’t recognized as being powerful because most of them weren’t contributing financially. So I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to create a story where women in the 1950’s were liberated…by zombies!”

(INM) Was there a lot of research that went into that aspect for authentication?

(JCM) Honestly? I watched a lot of Marilyn Monroe movies. Well, I actually re-watched them. I was fascinated by Marilyn Monroe during my college years and watched her Diamond Collection on VHS over and over on my 13-inch television. Does that ruin my zombie street cred?

(INM) *Of course, not! You are still the zombie goddess.*

(INM) Rose-Lynn is a phenomenal heroine; one of our favorites of the year to be honest. Could you tell the blogosphere a little bit about her?

(JCM) Thanks, I’m glad you liked her! Rose-Lynne was fun to write. I actually based her on my mother, Lynne Cook, and my great-grandmother’s cousin, Rose Feld. They were both novelists and powerful, graceful women. Rose-Lynne is the kind of woman who speaks her mind and refuses to conform to what society expects of her. She was never interested in having kids or being a housewife, so she unapologetically pursued her career in journalism, never letting anyone make her feel like she was less of a woman.

(INM) Rose-Lynn and Ralph had a beautiful relationship that wasn’t quite stereotypical for that time. (I personally think they should be voted sexiest couple of their decade) What was your inspiration for that extraordinary couple?

(JCM) In my mind, they’re the perfect couple because they respect each other. I think that’s the most important aspect of marriage. If you don’t respect each other then your marriage isn’t going to last very long. Also, they enjoy each other’s company, and that’s a big part of married life – just hangin’ out!

(INM) There’s that typical alpha-hero and then there’s Ralph. Sensitive, secure in himself, proud of his wife, not afraid to stand behind her and even prouder to stand beside her; Mathair and I think archetypes like this should have their time in the spotlight. How do you feel about the stereotypical hero and the differences between them and Ralph?

(JCM) Hollywood loves the strong silent type, but I find that boring. I prefer chatty, amiable heroes. I’d rather spend an evening (or a zombie apocalypse) with Seth Rogen than with Keanu Reeves.

(INM) There are so many nuances to your story yet the theme of female empowerment is consistent, more specifically the security in one’s self. Is that something you wanted to bring to that particular era?

(JCM) Absolutely! There are female empowerment themes in all my books. I really didn’t plan on Where’s My Dinner turning out to be so focused on self-acceptance, but it happened organically as I was writing. There’s way too much emphasis on superficial beauty, and young’uns these days aren’t taught to value their true selves. The media is too busy shoving unattainable beauty ideals in their faces in order to sell them products. If you ask me, the beauty industry is the real horror show, which is why I insert bits about self-acceptance in my books whenever I can.

(INM) Beautifully said, Ms. Michel! Preach!!! lol

(INM) We promised no spoilers so I have to wiggle my way around this next question. You have such unique zombie spins in your novels and quite often there is a sympathetic edge; like you want your readers to empathize with the monster. Have you always identified with the zombie lore in that sense?

(JCM) Great question! And, yes, I have always sympathized with monsters. We humans sometimes forget that we’re in this together. Sure, we all have a bad day and act like “monsters” to those around us every once in a while, but life is so much better when we treat each other kindly no matter what. When I see someone acting “monsterly” (it happens pretty much every day on the commuter train), I try to put myself in their shoes and not judge them. And when I act like a monster I hope people will go easy on me too.

(INM) As in any genre and history we like to pay homage to those who paved the way. Writer-director George A. Romero needs no introduction to horror fans, having almost single-handedly invented the modern zombie film as we know it. Tell us, Jillian, how this man has inspired you and your writing?

(JCM) George Romero is a genius! Of course, I love Night of the Living Dead, but my favorite movie of his is Day of the Dead because the heroin (played by Lori Cardille) kicks some serious butt! And I love Bub, the zombie who is befriended by a scientist. Romero has a way of humanizing his monsters, especially in his later works. In Land of the Dead, he “sticks it to the man” when zombies infiltrate a city where all the rich, snooty folks are holed up. The 1% sure are tasty!

(INM) Zombies are in the now and trending; Inion and I can remember when the literary world announced their comeback. What do you think it is about Zombies and the “End of World” theme that appeals to the readers?

(JCM) I think post-apocalyptic stories tend to be more popular when people are feeling unstable, like the apocalypse could happen at any moment. With all the war, natural disasters, and economic uncertainty these days, I can understand why zombies are trending at the moment. Plus, they’re fascinating because zombies are human, but you can’t reason with them or ask them politely not to gnaw on your face – it’s quite terrifying!

(INM) Now we want to randomly pick your brain (verses eating it like a zombie lol) and ask you some zombie questions. We were just wondering if you’re prepared for a zombie apocalypse and if you were what would be your go-to weapon?

(JCM) No contest – a machete. You never have to reload it, and it won’t run out of bullets. It can also easily penetrate a skull and destroy the brain (I’m assuming).

(INM) Hell yeah!! A lady who knows how to handle a blade & defend herself is sexy!!!!

(INM) Are you the slicin’-dicin’ zombie slayer or the selfless survivor searching for a cure to save mankind?

(JCM) Both. I plan to slice and dice whilst searching for a cure. That’s what I consider “having it all!”

(INM) What is your favorite zombie movie of all time?

(JCM) Ahhhhhhhhhh!! This is such a tough question. I don’t know if I can pick just one. Can I give you a top five?? In no particular order:

  1. Shaun of the Dead
  2. Day of the Dead (the 1985 version, NOT the 2008 remake)
  3. Juan of the Dead
  4. Dawn of the Dead (the 2004 remake)
  5. Zombieland (didya know they’re making a sequel?)

(Inion) *Fan –girl moment* OMG, I didn’t know they were making a sequel to Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead is my top fave zombie movie of all-time. Simon Pegg is brilliant!!

(Mathair) *Clears throat* Um…. Inion… interview…

(Inion) Hee hee, sorry.

(INM) Jillian, if you had to pick, would you prefer fighting the Romero zombies of the seventies (slow, sluggish, gory eaters of flesh that seem to just keep on coming);

The cracked-up, parkour jumpers from “Day of the Dead” and “I Am Legend”;

The neighborly ghouls that appear like those you once knew from “The Crazies”;

The zombie tsunami – 12 second transformers from: “World War Z”;


or the mutated supernatural freaks from “Resident Evil?”

(JCM) Hands down, I’ll take the 1968 Night of the Living Dead zombies any day over the speedy ones that have recently become popular. I Am Legend scared the hell out of me, and it’s because those monsters were way, way too fast. I don’t think corpses should be faster than humans. It’s unnatural 😉

(INM) What’s next for J. Cornell Michel? What are you working on?

(JCM) Actually, since I had my baby girl last year, I’ve started writing children’s picture books, and my first zombie book for little kids will be out later this year. It’s about a little purple zombie who’s frustrated because no one’s afraid of her because she’s so darn cute. Picture books are my main focus these days because having a ten-month-old baby to take care of doesn’t leave me much time to sit down and write for hours at a time. I hope to get back to writing novels eventually, but for now I’m focusing on picture books.

(INM) Congrats, Jillian; she’s beautiful!!

(INM) And the last question which my son, Vincent/Inion’s brother asked us to relay to you: “If you had one place to hold up in a Zombie Apocalypse and you could pick any place in the world. Where would it be?

(JCM) That is an excellent question! I just watched one of those shows on HGTV called Island Hunters. It’s about well-to-do folks who have millions of dollars to spare and want to buy their own island (must be nice). Anyway, one of these rich couples had $23 million to spare and bought an island in Fiji. It was completely secluded and small enough to defend the perimeter, but big enough to be able to grow your own crops and comfortably house plenty of humans and animals. So my dream location to ride out the zombie apocalypse is a secluded island in Fiji. I need to start saving up my allowance so I can afford a $23 million island 🙂

(INM) If you would have told us we’d end up on an island after doing a horror interview we would’ve laughed!!! But here we all are in Fiji. Awesome interview Jillian! For all our blogging community, we have one of Jillian’s books to giveaway to one lucky commenter. So be sure to comment!!!

Thanks again to the Queen of Horror herself, J. Cornell Michel. Below you’ll find the links to purchase her books; but please wait to see if you’re chosen.

Jordan’s Brains:

Where’s My Dinner:

Zombie Zeitgeist: Short Stories

‘Twas the Bite Before Christmas:




l <a

We are currently between an interview with a brilliant horror writer and publishing our book. So we thought we’d put up a fun blog post as we were reminded recently by our awesome friend Lizzi Rogers of Considerings.

So, here goes. A repost of Meryl-Thon:

Well, it’s that time, when Mathair goes on her Girl-crush rant about the great, Meryl Streep. Lord knows I’ve had to endure decades, of this inappropriate fixation of the Academy Award Winning Actress.

Mathair was 19 when she first fell in love with Meryl after watching the movie, “Heartburn”. From there she was gone, following Meryl on her long and lustrous career and gobbling up everything the woman ever did!

So, here are some: Meryl Fun Facts:

Meryl was born: Mary Louise Streep – Summit, New Jersey, on June 22, 1949. She received her B.A., in Drama, from Vassar College in 1971 but also enrolled as a visiting student at Dartmouth College. She subsequently earned an M.F.A. from the Yale School of Drama.

*One fun fact is when she left her claimed Oscar for Kramer V.S. Kramer (1979) in the bathroom during an after Oscar festivity.

*Meryl Streep applied for law school but she missed the interview because of over sleeping. Therefore, she considered that as a sign to change her goals instead of losing hope.

*Meryl Streep has won three Oscars, tying her with Jack Nicholson and Daniel Day-Lewis. However, Streep trails Katherine Hepburn, who has four.

*Of all of the parts she’s auditioned for, Streep has only been turned down 4 times.
With 18 Academy Award nominations, winning three, Streep has received more Academy Award nominations than any other actor (male or female) in history.

*Early in her career, when Streep tried out for the King Kong remake, producer Dino DeLaurentis told his son, in Italian, that Streep was too ugly for the part. He called her “a pig.” Streep shocked the shit out of DeLaurentis when she replied back in fluent Italian.

*Of all the parts she didn’t get, Streep most regrets Sweet Dreams, which went to Jessica Lange

Not only does Meryl select ideal roles, she also pairs herself with leading men that shine alongside her and a supporting cast that is nothing short of spectacular.
Read the choices, pick your favorite and be sure to tell us why in the comments. And have fun!!

A.) THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA – Meryl plays Miranda Priestly, a powerful fashion magazine editor. Supporting actor Stanley Tucci, is by far one of our favorite actors to star with Meryl. Delivering the absolute best line of the movie: “Gird your loins!” Meryl is a brilliant, but shrewd business woman and she wears it well!!

B.) BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY – Meryl plays Italian Housewife Francesca Johnson a lonely woman in Iowa who has an affair with National Geographic Photographer Robert Kincaid, (Clint Eastwood). This 1995 romantic drama earned Streep an Academy Award for best actress and proved passion can find you any time in your life.

C.) AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY – Meryl plays, Violet Weston the matriarch to a severely dysfunctional family in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Meryl’s love interest is her deceased poet/husband (played by Sam Shepherd) although I would say her daughter, Barbara (played by Julia Roberts) would be a better fit to the opposite role. Two great performances by two powerhouse ladies.

D.) IT’S COMPLICATED – Meryl plays, Jane Adler, a successful bakery owner and single mother of three who starts a secret affair with her ex-husband, played by Alec Baldwin, ten years after their divorce – only to find herself drawn to another man: her architect Adam (portrayed by Steve Martin.) This middle-aged love triangle is a comedic delight!! 😉

E.) JULIE AND JULIA – Meryl plays renown Chef, Julia Childs. Again Stanley Tucci takes the opposite role of love interest to Meryl. Luv these two together!! The film contrasts the life of Child’s in the early years of her culinary career with the life of young New Yorker Julie Powell, who aspires to cook all 524 recipes from Child’s cookbook in 365 days, while blogging about them.

F.) DOUBT – Meryl plays Sister Aloysius Beauvier. It’s 1964, at St. Nicholas in the Bronx. A charismatic priest, Father Flynn, (played by the late-great, Phillip Seymour Hoffman) is trying to upend the school’s strict customs, fiercely guarded by Sister Aloysius Beauvier, the iron-gloved Principal. But when Sister James, (Amy Adams) a hopeful innocent, shares with Sister Aloysius her suspicion that Father Flynn is paying too much personal attention to Donald; Sister Aloysius sets off on a personal crusade to unearth the truth and to expunge Flynn from the school. This movie is one of our favorites and the film’s four main actors were heavily praised all 4 nominated for Oscars for their roles in this.

G.) MAMA MIA – Meryl plays Donna. Sophie, Donna’s daughter (played by Amanda Seyfried) discovers her mother’s old diary & finds a description of intimate dates with 3 men (Sam Carmichael-Pierce Brosnan, Bill Austin-Stellan Skarsgard & Harry Bright-Colin Firth.) Sophie believes one of these men is her father & three months prior to the wedding, sends each an invitation, signing it, as her mother, without letting her mother know. In this musical honoring Abba, Meryl finds 3 gorgeous Hollywood Kings, to play her love interest and manages these heart-throbs quite nicely.

H.) MUSIC OF THE HEART – Meryl plays, Roberta Guaspari an East Harlem School Teacher. Inspired by the true story, the film opens with violinist Roberta having been deserted by her US Navy husband and feeling devastated. Encouraged by her mother, she attempts to rebuild her life and friend & love interest (played by Aidan Quinn) recommends her to the head teacher of a school in the tough New York area of East Harlem.

I.) BEFORE & AFTER – Meryl plays, Dr. Carolyn Ryan. In a small western Massachusetts town, Dr. Carolyn Ryan & her sculptor husband Ben (Liam Neeson) seem to live an idyllic life with their two children. But soon, the parents deal with the horrendous effects when their son is accused of murdering his girlfriend.

J.) DEATH BECOMES HER – Meryl plays, Madeline Ashton. Following her performance, the narcissistic, manipulative actress Madeline Ashton invites her long-time rival Helen Sharp (Goldie Hawn), an aspiring writer, backstage, along with her fiancé, plastic surgeon Dr. Ernest Menville (played by Bruce Willis). Ernest is visibly smitten with Madeline, which worries Helen, who has lost other men to Madeline in the past. Dr. Menville, breaks off his engagement with Helen and weds Madeline unleashing a love-triangle right out of hell. And Hell hath no fury like these two beauties scorned!! This dark comedy is one of our all-time favorites.

K.) DEFENDING YOUR LIFE – Meryl plays Julia. Daniel (played by Albert Brooks) dies and arrives in the afterlife only to find that he must stand trial and justify his lifelong fears in order to advance to the next life; or be sent back to earth to do it again. Daniel meets and falls in love with Julia (Meryl Streep), a woman who lived a seemingly perfect life of courage and generosity, especially compared to his. Written & Directed by Albert Brooks this charming romance proves there’s love after life!

L.) SHE DEVIL – Meryl plays, Mary Fisher. Ruth Patchett, (Roseanne Barr) a dumpy, overweight housewife exacts devilish revenge on her philandering husband (played by Ed Begley Jr.) after he leaves her and their children for glamorous, best-selling romance novelist Mary Fisher.

M.) HEARTBURN – Meryl plays, Rachel Samstat. A New York food writer, Rachel Samstat, meets Washington, D.C. political columnist Mark Forman (played by Jack Nicholson) at a mutual friend’s wedding. After a whirlwind courtship, they marry, despite Rachel’s reservations. With their seemingly perfect life and the birth of their daughter Rachel’s world comes crashing down around her after she discovers her husband is having an affair.

N.) LOVE AFFAIR – Meryl plays, Molly Gilmore. Two married strangers meet randomly, riding the train into New York City and become friends, then fall in love. Soon they begin meeting for coffee or lunch as the relationship grows, becoming far more serious eventually forcing both Molly & Frank Raftis (played by Robert DeNiro) to face their spouse and other life.

So there they are, some tasty films starring Meryl Streep. Tell us which one is your favorite!!

Book Cover Reveal

Well, we’re approaching the publishing debut for the second book in our series: The Crazy 8 – Bastard Chronicles. So we wanted to do a book cover reveal.

We are so excited about the front and back cover which was designed for us by our Book Cover Artist, Nick Demarsico.


We’ll be leaving a website where you can visit Nick and see more of his beautiful work. And trust us, you’ll want to see more.

We would like to thank our blogging buddies for all your support this past year while we’ve been working on our baby.

And now for the Cover…

Front cover for: The Crazy 8

Back cover for: The Crazy 8

We can’t tell you how proud we are to share this with all of you and hope you enjoyed the book cover reveal. Please be sure to visit Nick’s website & for those interested in working with Nick, please feel free to contact him by way of the links we’re leaving below. Thanks again.

Nick DeMarsico:


And The Winner Is…..

So, we’ve reached the end of our Beth Teliho Interview & Book Give-Away.

No, it’s okay SpongeBob. This is a good thing. Because now someone get’s a PRIZE!!!! 😉

Happy Dance indeed. We have our contestants (the commenters).

We did our random selection process.

While everyone waited on the edge of their seats.

Well….okay, maybe not everyone! So now we’ll get the commenters lined up to announce the winner.

Any last words? Just this from us:

And the winner of our Book Raffle is……..

Spiritual Ivy!!!!!

Congratulations, Spiritual Ivy. And now for your prize…


Hell yeah!! One phenomenal, freaking read!! Congrats again, Spiritual Ivy on scoring a brilliant book by an amazing Woman & Author.

Thanks again to Superstar Beth Teliho (our Bethie) for appearing on Two Voices…One Thought. And thanks to all our commenters for taking the time to chat-up Bethie. If you’d like to keep the convo going & trust us, YOU DO; Head on over to her blog:

If you didn’t win the copy of Bethie’s book, “Order of Seven” head on over to Amazon & grab your copy now.


The Brilliant Beth Teliho / Order of Seven


Beth Teliho is a one of a kind author/blogger. She never minces words and continues to keep us laughing with her witty humor and intrigued by her edgy topics. We’re honored to say that she’s a blogging bestie and proud to announce that she’s published her first novel. We tried to come up with cohesive questions but ultimately decided on taking turns. And now for all of you Two Voices, One Thought readers and Teliho fans alike, we will pick apart the brain of the master that created the delightful, the delectable, the one and only… Baron. LOL

Title: Order of Seven / Author: Beth Teliho


Book Synopsis:

Eighteen-year-old Devi Bennett is surrounded by mysteries: her unknown heritage, a recurring dream about an African tribal ceremony, an inexplicable attachment to a certain tree and a psychic ability she’ll never understand—unless she finds her biological parents.

Things take a shocking turn when she meets Baron, an intense and alluring energy healer who receives prophetic dreams which all seem connected to her. Devi must rely on an empath, a seer, and Baron to help research her roots to discover who she is and what she is capable of. But when Baron’s visions lead to an ancient legend that may link to her birthright, Devi learns her gift is more imperative than she thought imaginable.

Equal parts suspenseful and sexy, philosophical and adventurous, Order of Seven delivers a story that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the hands that carry fate.

Pages: 248 / Genre: Paranormal Mystery

(Mathair) Bethie, we can’t tell you how excited we are to have you on Two Voices….One Thought. We’ve been such fans of you and your blog: Writer B is Me that to be able to interview you about your newly released book, Order of Seven is like a dream come true. And now the interrogation. Mwa-ha-ha. So, we have to gush on Order of Seven. Can we say… unbefu**inglievable!

Tell us a little bit about how this story came to you; what was the spark that started the fire? (Without giving away any spoilers, of course.)

(BT) It started with the desire to write a story with a subtle undercurrent about mans’ responsibility to the environment. But I wanted to do it in a way that whispered it, and wasn’t the main point of the novel. Also, In much the way you “accidently” learn historical facts while reading Gabaldon’s Outlander series, I wanted to pepper Order of Seven with factual elements that I then added my creative spin to. With the message in mind, combined with the historical truths, Order of Seven was born.

(Inion) Your story was heavily influenced by archaeology. Is that something you’ve always been interested in?

(BT) Yes! I’m a science junkie, but archaeology in particular spurs my imagination. The fact that there are so many sites that are still a mystery just begs for a writer’s attention.

(Inion) Order of Seven has such a beautiful interpretation of family; very much outside the scope of the norm. Was that a theme that you wanted inherent throughout the novel?

(BT) Not at first, not intentionally, but it sort of evolved that way. I think definition of family, and feelings of acceptance not just in your family, but in society in general are issues true to me, so they squirmed their way into the story regardless.

(Mathair) Beth, the MC Devi is such an incredible young woman with powerful inner strengths, incredible physical and mental gifts as well as humanistic frailties that are endearing. Tell us the influence behind this mega-heroine.

(BT) I wanted someone true to how I see the current teen generation, and that is smart, savvy, strong, informed, funny, outspoken, empathetic, and brave. I know they have their unique issues ahead of them, as we all did, but they’re truly little super humans. However, in addition to being this dynamic modern teen, Devi is isolated, confused, and really pissed about it. That’s a volatile mixture, which is why I fought for her language to stay “salty”. I wanted to mirror her anger while being realistic.

(Mathair) While reading the reviews the one thing that stood out, (besides the obvious which was that the book was unbelievable) is the word philosophical which was also in the synopsis. Tell us why this was so important to the book and you.

(BT) It’s important to me because I wanted people to question what they thought they knew about how our world works in reference to religion and history. I wanted readers to leave the book with the seed planted that there is no One Right Way, in my humble opinion. The attitude “my way or the highway” leads to nothing but disgruntlement and war. As a species, we’re smarter than that. I hope. I think it’s important for acceptance, empathy, compassion, and understanding to recognize and respect that people have different religious beliefs, and that’s okay.

(Inion) Her brother was a favorite of mine. Having a close relationship with my little brother, I find myself gravitating to stories with strong sibling ties, built on love and loyalty. Tell us a little bit about how this brother-sister duo came to life for you.

(BT) From day one, this story orbited around a brother and sister. I’m fascinated with sibling connections, specifically (SPOILER ALERT) twins, and then add to that his life “sentence” to protect her from who she is, and the fact that he felt everything she felt….it was just too delicious to pass up.

(Mathair) I guess this should have been the first question, but did you decide to traditionally publish, independently publish or self-pub? And for those reading who are just starting out please explain why you chose this and the advantages of doing so.

(BT) I never even considered pursuing traditional publishing. It just seemed too restrictive and time-consuming. Not to say I never will, but it wasn’t right for me with this novel. I think traditional publishing is having to evolve and re-think how they will work amongst the tsunami of successful indie authors. When I first learned of the different ways to publish, the thought of doing it myself excited me. I mean, even the word Indie is inherently cool as shit, right?

(Mathair) The story takes place in your great state of Texas. (Hell yeah!) But, it goes far beyond those borders and takes the reader all the way to the dark continent of Africa. The two are completely different worlds that immediately jump off the pages. How much research went into the different settings?

(BT) A TON of research went into the settings, as well as the factual elements. I read journals written by people who’d been to these places, I watched YouTube videos of native tribesman, I scoured pages from tourist sites, and Wiki and Google were my best friends. Additionally, I kept most of my notes and research papers from college, where I degreed in Environmental Science. This proved to be very helpful when talking about energy, geology, and astronomy – to name a few.

(Inion) There are so many vibrant cultures woven beautifully throughout the storyline of Order of Seven. How much research did you put into that aspect as well as the folklore that went along with them?

(BT) The tribes a purely fictional and came from mah brain, but some of the cultural lore was factual. I spent a lot of time combing the Internet for mythology and legends that would serve my plot, but sometimes it was the research that inspired plot lines!

(Mathair) Being Irish, your title intrigued us immediately! Seven is such an important number, not only in the Celtic world but in many other cultures and religions. How did you ultimately decide on the title?

(BT) I know seven is special to you, too! (cough-ThePerfectSeven- cough) Funny, the title was originally Tree of Life, but through my research I kept finding a connection with the number seven, particularly in cultural beliefs and artifacts, and these connections drove the story. It got downright uncanny many times! I would think, hmmm maybe Baron should get a vision of the Orion constellation, so I’d research it and then find Orion is made up of seven stars. This kind of thing happened ALL THE TIME. When I finally finished my first draft, I knew Tree of Life was no longer the perfect fit, so I tossed around Order of Seven and it stuck.

(Inion) The paranormal features in Order of Seven are all influenced by organic energy, which is tantamount with the “enviro-friendly” message of its story. Organic energy is a belief that is practiced more commonly nowadays. What are your thoughts on energy and the correlation it has between humans and nature?

(BT) Quite frankly, I’m just fascinated by it and wanted organic energy to be a part of this story. I wanted the characters to rely on unconventional means for healing as well as how they see the world, which emphasized the “everything’s connected” message.

(Mathair) The cover is stunning; almost appearing like animal hide, very natural. Tell us a little bit about the cover and the artist.

(BT) My artist is Jenny from Seedlings Design Studio (, and she’s the bomb dot com! We went through several different mock-ups based on my input, but they just didn’t work. Then I realized I was going the wrong direction with it, so I went back and said let’s start over. Thankfully, she didn’t kill me and got right to work with my new ideas. The cover you see is the first thing she sent me. When I saw it I just knew it was the one. It’s eye catching, and organic, and ancient, and ominous, and cool. 😉

(Inion) Nature is portrayed in a reverent manner in Order of Seven. Are you an advocate for the environment?

(BT) I am, very much so, but I’m not perfect. I don’t want people to think I’m driving around in a car that runs on vegetable oil, drinking my juice dinner while wearing hemp clothes. Hahaha I do what I can, just like most people do, but I really do believe in the power of positive energy, and the importance of nature for our lives now and in the future.

(INM) What’s next for Beth Teliho?

(BT) So many things I don’t even know where to start! I’m working on a children’s book about “beating worries” (coping with childhood anxiety), and I also have the urge to write for the younger YA crowd – like middle school age. And, perhaps a sequel (or companion) to Order of Seven will happen, but I’m waiting for the characters to get back to me on that. 😉


*We cannot wait to see what this incredible lady comes up with next. We have purchased a copy of her book: Order of Seven, to be given to one lucky commenter, which we will randomly choose. So make sure to leave your comments for Bethie, guys!

Of course after the give-away you can purchase a copy of Beth’s Book at but please wait to see if you’re the winner!!

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Two Times The Charm

Although it seems silly, for us it is exciting. Most of you are familiar with our book, The Perfect 7. But what we haven’t told you is that we’ve republished it. Not in hopes of increasing sales. (although that would be nice. lol ) But because it’s been tweaked. We said tweaked…..TWEAKED not twerked!!! We’ve introduced our book cover artist to all of you before, Nick DeMarsico. Yes he’s gorgeous ladies and a consummate Artists through and through. And the new back cover is his creation. The infamous tattoo that the boys get on Isle Exodus. Thanks Nick!!   Along with Nick’s contribution to P-7 we also have a new graphic art designer who handles our websites as well as the formatting for our books. And yes, he’s also brilliant. Erik Aadnesen. Thanks Erik!! We also came up with a name for our baby figuring it wouldn’t be right to let it go on in this world without one. Yes, we pulled a Ben Stiller. (Flirting With Disaster) 65401-zoolander-blue-steel-gif-AHeR And of course by a name we mean a name for the series. Envelope please….. Bastard Chronicles You like? We thought so; and we’re pretty proud parents.   Now most of you know we’ve been blogging ghosts as of late working on book number two in the Bastard Chronicles series. bastard symbol Well, we’ve finally finished and have it with the Beta Readers awaiting the feedback. We’ll save anything else related to that for another blog post, book cover reveal and so on. But as for Two Voices…One Thought, we have some pretty cool posts and blog guests coming up. Yes we’ll be regulars again and we’ve missed you all soooo much!!! Here’s just a few names to look forward to: Ivy, Beth Teliho, Amy Masur, J. Cornell Michel, Annie Wilson, Nichole B. and many more. And here’s just a sample to tantalize you!   For now, we look forward to leaving our place to come & haunt your blogs. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Congrats to Nick on making the front cover of his schools newly published Art Book!! _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Bastard Chronicles: The Perfect 7