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All Good Things Must Come To An End

*Note for readers: If you haven’t seen the season three finale of Penny Dreadful, read at your own risk. Spoilers lie ahead.*

It was bittersweet to find that one of mine and Mathair’s favorite shows had come to an end. It’s no surprise that the dark and twisted minds that came up with the Bastard Chronicles and a horror anthology could’ve fallen for the beautifully horrific and borderline poetic writing of Penny Dreadful. It has all that could appeal for this mother/daughter duo. Like many across the world, we tuned in every season with baited breath for Vanessa Ives’ journey through the darkness. The rich, romantic gothic ambiance of a Victorian era London alone was a realistic enough setting for the ghouls, monsters and tortured souls of the Penny Dreadful cast. If that wasn’t the opium laced frosting on the absinthe soaked cake, Eva Green is one of my favorite actresses and encapsulated everything that I love about stunningly flawed, self-destructive anti-heroes. When we tuned in for the season three finale, we already had our fan-theories of what lied ahead for season four until… she died!!!! Mouths agape, tear-filled eyes and nails digging into our armchairs, Mathair and I tore our eyes away from the screen long enough to gauge each other’s reactions. We gave ourselves a moment, finished up the episode and then had the normal fangirl/artistic discussion that we always had. (Similarly, we also have those exciting, somewhat heated discussions over our other shows: Vikings and Game of Thrones.) Mathair being the constant optimist gave her opinion which was that the show was about the supernatural and Vanessa had to come back for the fourth season. She will be resurrected much like our beloved Jon Snow (who in fact still knows nothing, but is the sexiest warden of the north to grace the seven kingdoms). Most of you are familiar enough with our work to see my two cents coming a mile away. The Grim Reaper of Inion N. Mathair knew that Penny Dreadful was over. Now, why did that make complete and utter sense to me? Is it my constant need for cliffhangers? My tendency to kill off important characters unexpectedly ala GoT style? Or my inherent pessimistic outlook on life that somehow bleeds into my writing? It is none of the above. I always say that a story tells itself and that a good writer or in fact a real writer will allow the story to flow through them organically. Penny Dreadful had to come to an end because that’s what happens with any story. The conclusion is inevitable and unlike most fan-favorite series, Penny Dreadful had met its rather abruptly. Of course, isn’t that the crux of something so beautiful? Would Romeo and Juliet’s love story be as powerful if they had lived on? Would Shakespeare have made such an impact in the literary world if he’d let their story go on? Anything that beautiful and that potent never lasts. Shooting stars are for but a moment before they fade. It’s in that fleeting perfection that we find the most human, the most beautiful, and the most tragic. I would’ve have tuned in next season if they’d chosen to continue Vanessa’s story or even journey on with a different character but wanting it to continue would tarnish that potent albeit heartbreaking finale and what a finale it was. As we come to a close on our own series The Bastard Chronicles, we experience that same bittersweet pain. But Kevin put it best in The Crazy 8: “What I can assure you is that my departure will be as ostentatious as my entrance.” 😉

Bastard Chronicles: The Crazy 8 Trailer

Writers hear voices. It’s just a side effect of the job. In the midst of working on our newest series (New Salem Chronicles), Kevin’s voice remains ever present and relentless. For fans of the Bastard Chronicles, it’s no surprise to you that Kevin is a main character that’s very hard to shake off. No matter where we go, what we’re doing or who’s near, Kevin’s voice is always there; demanding his story be told. Mathair and I have taken a hiatus from the blogosphere as of late, preparing the first novel we wrote together to be published. Of course, Kevin intercedes every now and again. Never one to take a backseat to anyone, Kevin won’t stop until his voice is heard and his story is told. It’s one of the reasons we love Kevin so much and the major reason why he is continuously my favorite character to write for. He is an unstoppable force with an ego to match, a fighting spirit to be commended and (though I hate sounding biased) a beautifully flawed unlikely hero. And so, we can finally give you the trailer for the second installment of the Bastard Chronicles: The Crazy 8. We’d like to thank everyone involved in the making of this trailer as there was a lot of TLC put into it. And a big thank you to our blogging buddies for being so patient and supportive. We wouldn’t be here without you and we can’t wait to get back on and catch up with all of you. We’d also like to thank Kevin for his constant inspiration, crude yet sarcastic narrative and arduous yet fun story.

Wee-All The Way Home

We were looking through the photo album and happened to come across a picture of myself playing with Inion when she was three. I was tickling her toes and no doubt reciting “This Little Piggy”. We began to wonder about the nursery rhyme and its origins. Children’s stories and nursery rhymes happen to be our favorite to research.


And, so we began our journey into “This Little Piggy”. There were more than ten thousand sites related to it, but nothing concrete in its origins. (That we could find anyway. Yeah, The Hardy Boys we’re not.) We did find that it dates as far back as the mid seventeen hundreds. Pretty amazing when you think about it, right? How many families has this small piece of writing touched over the last three hundred years? Ah, the power of the pen.


The author was unknown, but its first publication was in English Fairy Tales by a, James Orchid Halliwell-Phillips, which was a collection that never named the author.


In the process of this research, we overheard a family friend saying the rhyme to her grandbaby. When she got to the third line, she said, “This little piggy had roast beef.”


Whoa. What was that? We had always heard that the third little piggy had bread and butter. Why was her piggy eating roast beef? Had we mistreated our piggy with a flimsy meal of bread and butter?


That’s when we began the real search for the truth to find out the spectrum of the third piggy’s diet and why ours had such a limited palate.


According to Miss Hollis, the third piggy was a freaking carnivore! Our pig’s meal made much more sense in the scheme of things, until I remembered that my father once said pigs eat anything.

Then, we decided to grill my mother, who informed us that her mother, (Nanu’s), piggy had toast and tea. Nanu was a born and bred Aussie that loved her tea time and so, she replaced the roast beef with something she preferred.


My mother liked her bread un-toasted with real butter, which inclined her to change the third pig’s meal once again.

In our previous studies, we had discovered that the original third pig ate roast beef, so Miss Hollis was in fact, right. But three generations of our family had changed the age-old rhyme into something wholly different. Were we the only ones?

We started asking around, close friends, neighbors and found out that Tracy, who hails from Georgia, said that her mother served their little piggy chitterlings or (chitlins). Those of you who aren’t southern we implore you to look up what chitlins are and like us you will understand when we say that it was a little strange.


Matt, a friend that hailed from our birthplace of South Florida, was a true Cuban at heart and said his piggy had always eaten black beans and rice.


Amanda said her granny told her that the piggy had a nasty sweet tooth and ate a trough of cupcakes.


Inion’s favorite answer came from a childhood friend whose piggy had a pint of draft beer. Aha! Now the piggy’s hitting the booze.


We finished our research with this conclusion, that whether your piggy’s from the south and eating its own intestines. (Ew) Or, your pig comes from Down Under, being fed toast and tea. One thing’s for sure, the pig loves to eat.


The last mission in our piggy journey came to a close when we confronted my mother and told her that the jig was up. We knew the little piggy preferred rare roast beef to bread and butter and that she had been knowingly starving our pig for years. Without missing a beat, she informed us that the damn thing was too fat and she was sick and tired of giving him all of the good food. “He’s a glutton, you know. He’s got a pig right next to him with nothing to eat and for three hundred years that selfish sow hasn’t offered him a thing.”

And, so we challenge you with this, try to be kind to your piggy and give him something decent to eat. Like most things, they’re much happier when their fed properly and the better the meal, the more likely they are to squeal all the way home.

Please tell us what your piggy ate and don’t forget to pass on the wonderful tradition to your children & grandchildren.

Lifting The Veils ~ Part 2

For those that enjoyed our last post with Spiritual Ivy, this is Part 2 of that interview.

(INM) When dealing with the Paranormal it would seem that energy is the key word. Is this the case with haunted houses and have you ever been inside one?


(SI) Yes. It has to do with vibrations (energy). We are at very low vibrations compared to those that exist in other realms. For spirits and things from other realms to thrive here, they have to use electricity, water, our emotions, etc….

Haunted houses are usually occupied with past residents or incidents. If an investigation was made (as it should be in all cases) they would probably find power lines, a transformer box, or a power substation nearby. The house could be near a river, ocean, lake or an underground stream. The house could have a lot of positive or negative energy. I have experienced many “occupied” structures. I have a little house in Tennessee that is occupied. But they are very social and mean no harm.

(INM) Can you strengthen your gift?

(SI) I have to admit that there was a period that I actually worked with my guides to suppress my sensitivity. It can take quite a bit of energy and self-control to stay present in the moment for my job, a normal conversation with someone, as opposed to the distraction of the constant visions and voices sometimes. But I felt an emptiness and soon realized that I was letting the negativity influence me to hold back. I have since worked with my guides to remove the veils and open up once again. And with this comes a welcome familiarity and confidence. You’ve heard the saying, “use it or lose it.” That’s what my answer would be on how to strengthen anything.

(INM) Ouija; it’s just a board…right? Talk to us about Ouija and the truth behind it.


(SI) Even wishes and prayers are directed by intent and the source of the intent (dark or light) is a factor.

Ouija Boards were popular at slumber parties when I was a kid. Was the thing really moving by itself or was someone pushing it? Who knows! It was never really fun for me just a creepy feeling in my gut. (Trust your gut)

It’s not the cardboard. I feel it’s the intent or naivety and a void that while it is being used, becomes adverse. I know there are people who never lock their doors and have no problem sleeping. Having an open portal is like that. You probably wouldn’t mind your neighbors walking in but what about a stranger who’s up to no good? Just for the record, I lock my doors.


(INM) Are curses real? Or is it all in the cursed person’s perception?


(SI) If someone throws a bucket of green paint on you, what would you do? Lay down and cry because you’re green? Allow the paint to spread staining everything it touches until it finally dries on your clothes and hair? Probably not. You’ll throw your clothes away, bathe multiple times but eventually get every last fleck of paint off until you’re good as new. The whole ordeal may leave you unnerved, but you’re fine. Remember this, curses carry a tremendous amount of karma on the one who throws them. That being said, the recipient has choices too.

(INM) Perhaps a question that’s been haunting people is whether or not we can be possessed by a ghost. Can we and if so, who’s susceptible to possession?

(SI) I believe spirits can attach themselves to people, places or things as long as there is a source of energy to sustain them. I feel that sometimes they may hitch a ride just for the fun of it. I have found that people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, emotional trauma or depression are more vulnerable to these hitchhikers and in some cases possession.

(INM) Do you believe the “gift” can be passed from one generation to the next?


(SI) I believe sensativity can be hereditary. Science has proven that twins who aren’t raised together but later reunite will have the same interests, traits and mannerisms. A child growing up not knowing his/her parents can end up with the same alcohol or drug addictions because they share this gene. As with anything, we have choices. Just because a gene indicates that we are predisposed to something, it is a choice to acknowledge it or deny it. And that’s with anything inherited.


(INM) If you could visit any place in the world where would you go?

(SI) I have always been drawn to Ireland. I don’t know exactly why but as a kid I was mesmerized by the pictures in our geography books. Is it a recognition of a past life? Is this where I was pushed off a cliff for being a witch? Who knows? But I bet there would be a lot of old energies and outrageous experiences waiting to be found.


(INM) Recently you went with a local group of paranormal investigators to a closed down asylum that is very old. While there, you were able to uncover some pretty amazing finds including some recordings. Do you feel the Smoky Mountains are teeming with spirits?


(SI) Our Smoky Mountains are special for sure. I feel they are like sponges that have absorbed energies since they were formed. There are tons of crystals salted throughout the mountain range and valleys. They are like memory chips and help hold the history of the experiences of all its people.

(INM) What would your advice be to a Paranormal enthusiast wanting to break into the field?

(SI) First and foremost, trust your gut. Take baby steps. Don’t go with a bunch of party animals. Just take one or two people who would respect your efforts. Don’t go under the influence of anything (drugs, alcohol, etc.) keep your senses sharp. I like to go to places and then research the background/history to confirm any experiences. Always go with a clean slate this way you’re not subject to influence. Next, play back and study audio/video/photo’s after you get home. Things may appear on electronics that are not noticed at the occurring moment. Don’t get frustrated. When you watch the ghost hunting shows on television, you are watching an accumulation of hours, days and weeks of audio and video condensed and edited into a 30 minute program.

When I go into a place, I usually just bring myself and experience whatever (if anything) happens. I have carried my camera, audio recorder, my K2, my infrared camera and not pulled any of it out for being caught up in the moment. To be honest, I myself would rather focus on the experience and leave the gadgets to be manned by whoever else is with me.

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(INM) Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, these living breathing monsters wreaked havoc on their victims without remorse. Some would argue that humans are responsible for their own actions. While others say these monsters were possessed by a demon or evil spirit. Science dictates a formula. What do you think about this?


(SI) Why do some people choose to carry dark energy as opposed to light? There must be as many reasons as there are people. They are probably classified into several categories such as mental depravation, social influence, etc.

Your question eludes to a category of spiritual void. I feel it is greatly possible for a person to host dark (as well as light) energy. Our bodies are merely vessels for our soul/spirit to occupy. You cannot have darkness in the light, however there can be shadows. We can hide in the shadows or live in the light.


(INM) We can’t tell you how much we enjoyed this sit down, Ivy.

(SI) Thank you. I enjoyed spending time with both of you.

This concludes our interview with Spiritual Ivy. We hope you all enjoyed meeting her and will be leaving her blog address below so that you can visit her. Thank you.







Lifting the Veils ~ Introducing Spiritual Ivy

As most of you know Mathair worked in law enforcement for 18 years. It was there she got her first introduction to the paranormal world. Sounds crazy but it’s absolutely true. Her boss, the Special Agent Supervisor brought in a Clairvoyant to the office (FDLE) to work with them on the case of a missing girl. She couldn’t believe that something as scientific as law would rely on something like this. Yet the woman was able to lead them to the little girls body.

Of course I was infatuated with the paranormal world early on. We’ve always loved the dark and unusual and felt a pull to people who dabble in it or are conductors within that orchestra.

A year or so ago we were fortunate enough to meet a woman who is in fact a clairvoyant. Gifted and wise this lady spent time with us talking about her gift & the truth & misconceptions that often accompany the paranormal world.

This post and the next will be our interview with, “Spiritual Ivy.” We have kept her real name out of this as well as her picture. There are those legitimate clairvoyants or (mediums) who prefer to keep their anonymity and we will respect that. She is a successful business woman and has a busy schedule so we feel honored that she was willing to take the time to sit down with us and appear on Two Voices….One Thought.

(INM) Spiritual Ivy, first off we’d like to thank you for taking the time to appear on Two Voices….One Thought. It’s no secret that Mathair and I are fascinated with the paranormal world.

(SI) Thank you. I’m super excited to hang out with both of you!

(INM) SI, so many times people spend their entire lives with gifts they are wholly unaware of. Did you know about your gift early or did you discover it later on in life?

(SI) Some of the stories I’ve been told about my childhood, I know my angels and guides have been right by my side since the moment I was conceived. Was I aware of them? I think so. Fast forward and I was introduced to a healing modality known as Reiki. In a short time I became a Reiki Master Teacher. I would say that was the catalyst to confirm, to remove the veils; to glue the pieces together for an amazing bigger picture.

(INM) We are definitely in the dark ages, lol 😉 What used to be a taboo subject seems to be the trend now. Hollywood’s infatuation with the afterlife has spilled over into reality creating a worldwide desire for more proof of life after death. Do you believe that the world of paranormal psychology is now a scientifically respected field or do you feel that it has a way to go before being considered a legitimate science?

(SI) I feel that film and definitely multimedia has catapulted the popularity of paranormal experiences. The good thing from this explosion of vast sources of information is to allow those who have an experience to hopefully realize that they are not alone. The more we communicate and share, the more we learn and understand. If I were to share an experience with you, you might be interested enough in what I was sharing. Add photo’s, video, audio, meters, etc….credibility soars. I have to admit that when I can see orbs on video I get excited too. I guess it’s human nature to want that tangible confirmation with anything. Course there will always be those who argue “It’s not raining!” even though they’re drenched.

(INM) What would you classify yourself as in regards to your gift?

(SI) I try to avoid labels or classifications. I do like the word “multifaceted” however. Diamonds are usually what comes to one’s mind when they hear that word. I am definitely no diamond but my experiences are so different and unique each time. They can be as fascinating as holding any diamond up to the sunlight and seeing the multiple refractions of colors and light.

(INM) Mathair told you that we write dark books because we’re dark. You said: “Don’t use the word dark to describe you and your daughter. You both have bright lights.” Have you ever seen an aura that was dark and frightened you?

(SI) I have seen a few dark aura’s and they were amazing. However for me, they are harder to see. Aura’s are outside layers, beyond the flesh that resonate with and reflect our health, (physical, mental and spiritual.) I feel that the study of auras and chakras are fundamental to anyone working on self healing. I have seen people with dark energy. I wouldn’t say that I was scared but instinctively a wall of protective energy spun around me.

(INM) Have you ever been part of a séance?

(SI) Yes but I’d rather not discuss something that was so personal to those involved.

(INM) So many of us would love to communicate with loved ones who have passed. And you’re saying that this is possible?

(SI) Yes. As long as THEY want to communicate with you. It’s no different than this realm. You can recognize or ignore the attempts of someone trying to contact you by cell phone.

(INM) Have you ever used Tarot Cards? What do you use in the way of trinkets to aid your gift?


(SI) Yes, I have Tarot cards and use them often. I am not as proficient with them as I would like to be but they are definitely in my basket. I don’t really use any “thing” when encountering spirits or doing readings or whatever presents itself. When I find myself in a rut or at a crossroad, I get my pendulum out. That is my go to. I will also lay out Tarot cards or Destiny Cards.

This completes the first part of our interview with Spiritual Ivy. We’ll be posting Part II in a few weeks. We know that Ivy would love to hear from all of you so please make sure to say hi and welcome her to our community.

Gobble, Gobble ~ Gird Your Loins!!

Inion & I love writing but unfortunately, it don’t pay the bills. So we have our “other” job which just so happens to be in retail. We’re coming up on a big day in retail. The dreaded Black Friday; and for us, Brown Thursday. Of course the store is buzzing with the anticipation of the biggest shopping day of the year.

We have our Christmas decorations wrapped around every display & dripping off every isle and the big countdown bear making the event all the more terrifying. Now all we have to do is wait for the stampede.

Of course we and our co-workers pray for some semblance of civility & good will hoping that the shoppers will remember what time of year it is and hold fast to the true spirit of the holidays. We hope…we pray…then we remember Stanley Tucci’s brilliant advice.


Last year we had two men break into a fist-fight over a plasma T.V.

The man pulled back and swung missing his intended victim & hitting an innocent bystander. The joke was on him when the victim flipped his badge out and proceeded to arrest him for assaulting a police officer. Yup, he hit a cop. And we thought we had shit luck!!

So now we wait to see what this year brings in the way of Black Friday Funnies. Stories that ill be immortalized in the world of retail.

As for us, we ask ourselves the dreaded question that most turkeys do this time of year. Do we wait to see if we’re passed up or possibly get stuffed, carved & served to a bunch of hungry holiday shoppers?


What’s your best Black Friday story. Come on don’t be shy cough it up!! We need a laugh!!

Stella Dore’s Park (In Honor of Halloween)

One of our creepy poems taken from our collection “No Rhyme or Reason” in honor of Halloween.


Swing away swing, with nobody there

In a park that is vacant there’s a charge in the air.

Its midnight in New Orleans at Stella Dore’s Park.

It’s November chilly and frightfully dark.


A rogue phantom wind, that has yet to appear,

Still the swing swings away as my heart fills with fear.

I cross through the park, pass a slide when I see

The dirt billow up, someone’s dragging their feet.


I stop to stand quiet, as I struggle to hear

The sound of a child, laughing softly o’er there.

Her fierce, cold derision can be heard in her tone.

Though I can’t see the vision, she sounds sad and alone.


My first frightful instinct, apprehensively smart,

Was to flee from the imp that haunts Stella Dore’s Park.

But something about her seemed to beckon me near

To the ghostly, young sprite who sat swinging o’er there.

I pass by the merry go round as it spins

When the pixie declares she’ll confess her dark sins.

I ignore the sound reason in the back of my mind,

And confront the cross spirit, who was in the wrong time;


“You should go to the light, where the voice calls to you.”

The swing jerked to a halt, the air turned a red hue.

“My mommy has left me, but said she’d return,

Then a stranger came callin’ and his evil did burn.”


My mind how it races, my heart feels the sting,

Of the girl in the park, who’s condemned to a swing.

Then I finally see what I once only heard

The madness apparent, the vision absurd.


I can see the tears fall from her pain though it’s dark,

As she tells of a rape in Stella Dore’s Park.

The Cajun born lass gave a date, 1810

“Only three hours left ‘til I see him again.”


Then, she spoke of a crime that took place long ago

And a man in a cape, that refused to hear no.

She whimpered her warning of a creature so black

That his crime against her is what held her soul back.


I asked for the name of a man that would do

Such a thing to a child, and she said, “Monsieur Bleu.”

She points to her swing, and says hushed like to me

“He comes here at night ‘round a quarter past three.


And he speaks to me now, just as he did then,

As if I never died, as if he never sinned.

I live in this park spellbound by the deed

Yet his sin lingers on while I wait to be freed.


For these grounds I do roam, with no hope of escape,

Reliving this horror, transfixed in this state.

Behind Stella Dore’s gates I swing ever day

If condemned to this park, then it’s I who must pay.


But now that you’re here, I feel justice shall bend,

For this night you came callin’ and for me he did send.

Upon entering this park, you can finally see

That our lives have crossed paths so that I may go free.”


“He’s gone little girl you are free now at last.

He can no longer hurt you, for his evil has passed.

You have nothing to far, he has fled from this earth.

It’s your shame of his crime that has made you accursed.”


Then the ghost turned indifferent as she played with her hem

While she hummed a strange tune, then she curtseyed and said.

“It is you who should fear this poisoned ground’s dread,

Yet you willingly entered the Park of the Dead.


For in Stella Dore’s playground the swinging’s the vice

As he hand-picks his victims with a child to entice.”

I stayed sure and strong, scolding her mischief but good,

Still she paid me no mind, ‘stead she looked toward the woods


Then back to her swing, sounding smug yet subdued

She cordially presented her dark friend, Monsieur Bleu.

As I turned and beheld, through a thick patch of trees

A strange-gangly man stood there, staring at me.

Then he floated toward me, least a foot off the ground

Till he reached me and said, “What’s our sweet Abby found?”

He spoke the ole tongue, while pretending to pout,

“Qu’y at-il, ma che’rie? Has the child turned you out?

You were wrong to assume that my power ends here,

Just as you were wrong that sweet Abby’s sincere;

Yet consider, if you will, why this ghost acts so glum,

When it’s she who has picked this cursed park for her home.


Though I’m far too aware, of my perverse soul’s decline

It is painfully clear her lust far exceeds mine.”

I gasped as he grabbed me, threw his cape back then said.

“Now you’ll join clever Abby, in the park of the dead.


But tell me first lass, ‘fore I vanquish your world.

Who is the monster, Monsieur Bleu, or the girl?”


From Inion N. Mathair







The Fat Lady Has Sung!

Hallelujah our book, “The Crazy 8” has launched and is now available on Kindle or Paperback at Amazon!

This has been a tough journey to see this book to the end. But we stayed the course and can finally say that the second book in the Bastard Chronicles is now published; Kevin’s journey continues.

We’ve set up our book events in the local areas (North Carolina & Georgia) and will be spending the next few days setting up our on line interviews in hopes of getting the word out. We can’t thank all of you enough for your love and support throughout this time. Now, there’s only one thing left….

For those who’ve been fans of the series and supported us, we would like to invite all of you to take a trip to Amazon & purchase your copy of The Crazy 8.

For those who haven’t read the first book we will be leaving the address to start there.

A special thank you to all of our team: Ginger Mallory, Nick DeMarsico, Roschelle Morgan, Eric Aaddnesen, Crystal Aadnesen, Kira Renee Batts, & Allan Douglas.

Book Synopsis: I’d like to think the world is full of color, but that’s just not the way things work. Life is black and white and spectrum’s narrow into slits of neutrality while opposites dissipate into a stoic populace of Stepford assholes and Kool-Aid drinkers. The transition was slow enough to seem like progress and deadly enough to be effective. Nobody predicted it would happen; nobody but me. The players are in position and the games ready to start. Welcome to the New World Order; welcome to Hell on Earth; this is the Apocalypse.

Tagline~ As Heaven and Hell prepare for war, the world waits for a leader to rise and fate has chosen one mouthy little bastard.