So as you all know I’ve been worried about Inion for the past three months. She’s been sick and battling several things.

Stressed and fearful this was leading to something big, I demanded she go have some tests run.


She fought with me and argued that it would pass, but eventually caved and gave mama what she wanted.


Thinking of everything awful this could possibly be, I feared I was going to get terrible news. I prayed, meditated, paced, was miserable to everyone and crazy with worry.


We waited on the bloodwork for what seemed like forever when finally I received a phone call from my daughter who informed me that I needed to sit down because she had to have a serious talk with me. She was in fact ill.

As a matter of fact, she would not get better for another seven months.


Still fearing the worst, mom couldn’t put it together what kind of illness would have such a long term effect. What is it?

She laughed and said, “Mama….seven months!”

Well needless to say I put two and two together and got one!


One little grandbaby which I will meet in seven months.


I can’t tell you how happy I am. Shocked, elated, eager to meet my new grandbaby and happy to have joined the Grandma Club.


So to all our blogging buddies and friends in the blogosphere, if you get a chance give a shout out to Inion who is expecting her first child sometime around mid April.


And remember this, not everything is as it seems.


Some of the best gifts come from unexpected times of challenge.



Through darkness comes light and from fear comes love.




My two beautiful children & their Nana; and now a new generation.