Inion N. Mathair

A phantom wind

A shadow cast from a tree

The beach at sunset

A single daisy in a field

A foggy graveyard

An empty bench in the middle of an abandoned park at midnight

They all sound mundane to most, but to an artist, they are deliciously inviting. The world is changing, evolving around us. We have no choice, but to grow with it or perish. No sunset is ever the same, no expression on a child is ever duplicated in another.

Perhaps it’s life who has the last laugh, desperate to challenge our artistry for her mere amusement.

Mother Nature gives us these inspirations knowing we’ll return the gift uniquely changed once touched by our imaginations.

As we began to take a closer look at certain arts we were able to see the seeds that bloomed into the grand flowers.

1924: The grim reaper decides it’s time to take a long, overdue vacation from his job as death-collector…

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