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Lo & behold an angel of light appeared in the form of an award from a feisty, blonde with a hearty-helping of sunshine to brighten our dreary, wintry days.

sunshine breaking thru on winter

It would seem, Inion N. Mathair has been nominated for an award. The Sunshine Award. Coarse we should’ve known that it would be the bubbly, energetic & hysterical Texan, Beth Teliho (our Bethie) that would douse our dark-duo with some much needed sunshine. And what a perfect time to receive the rays, with the thermometer reading 2 degrees in the Smoky Mountains.

2 Degrees Yikes!

So first off, let us give thanks to Beth Teliho for always being such a great friend & wonderful blog sister whose always thinking of others. Thx Bethie!!! xoxo
Beth Teliho

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this Beautiful & Brilliant, Southern firecracker, please take the time to head on over to her blog {Writer B Is Me} & read some of her posts & southern anecdotes that will have you laughing til ya cry!
writer B is me

Next, we’re going to fulfill the stipulations which we absolutely love by the way and answer seven (7) Unknown Facts about Inion N. Mathair, then give seven (7) Quirky Facts about us as a duo. Once we’re done with that, we’ll be passing this award onto eleven (11) others, spreading the sunshine, in some other chilly places across this great, big blogosphere & hopefully brightening another bloggers day as Bethie did ours!
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So, let’s get started…

7 Unknown Facts</

F:1) If you could go back in time ten years and tell yourself one thing what would it be?
I-A) Not to eat that second bowl of Butter Pecan Icecream. It all went downhill after that.
M-A) Not to sweat the little things.

F:2) What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
I-A) I thought I already answered that? lol
M-A) Only one?! Cookies-n-Cream

F:3) If you were to take me on a date, where would we go and why?
I-A) Well, first to a bookstore I haven't been too, maybe in Highlands or Asheville. Then, somewhere quiet with a breathtaking view (which our area has plenty of) & Read…read…read! When are stomachs begin to rumble, a quiet restaurant that has phenomenal vegetarian dishes & lastly a quaint coffee shop.
M-A) A Poetry Reading first. Then, a tasty Southern dinner, at a downhome, barbecue joint "Fat Buddies" would do! Lastly, if your starting off quiet & calm finish the night with a bang. A concert, perhaps Clapton, Pearl Jam, Harry Connick Jr., Foo Fighters.

F:4) Above all else, what are you afraid of?
I-A) Failing which in my book is anything other than the Best. I'm a perfectionist thanks to my competitive mother who has high expectations & whose driven me my entire life to be the best. I can't stand to be second at anything.
M-A) Too many things to count, which would make me a coward (lol). But, if I had to pin one thing. I guess I'd go with my biggest which seems to be snakes.

F:5) What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?
I-A) Be the first of my family to leave the South. Although I love my Dear Dixieland, I'd Move to Washington & set down roots, then write, write, write some more!!
M-A) Oh the possibilities… Okay, I guess I'd throw on an evening gown, grab a mic & sing Whitney Houston songs for millions. Lord help us!!

F:6) What has been your favorite age and why?
I-A) I like the age I'm at right now. My career, relationships, achievements, goals, my health. My late twenties have been good. I feel as though I've come into my own & know myself better than I ever have. I'm really happy.
M-A) Much like Inion, 28. Although I can't put my finger on it, as it was a number of things, I loved my late twenties.

F:7) Coffee or tea?
I-A) Without a doubt, Coffee.
M-A) I'd have to agree with Inion. I love me some coffee whether it's first thing in the morning, late at night while we're working or on a cold winter night it always hits the spot.

Quirky Facts</

Seven quirky facts:

1. We can’t write unless the television’s on, much like teenagers can’t do homework without tunes blasting in their ears. Of course now that I think of it, mom throws her Nirvana DVD's on which would count as music. But we also have, horror fest's, our nods to the 80's Molly Ringwald as well as Director John Hughes. Tim Burtonthons & what would a writing room be without the 2 muses who grace our space. Mine: Emma Thompson… Moms: Meryl Streep.

2. We’re tomboys at heart. I am a comic book junkie and Sci-Fi geek and secretly wish I was Indiana Jones. Mathair has the mindset & mouth of a teenage boy. Those of you that read our novel The Perfect 7 should know this due to the fact that she and Kevin Yager are one in the same. She is also a hardcore horror fanatic with a heavy emphasis on serial killers and sociopaths.

3. Our characters NEVER leave us. Much like a schizophrenic, our MC’s are constantly kicking around our heads, telling us their stories, speaking to us randomly throughout the day, giving their input on a situation & often times demanding our full attention. It can be a bit jarring. Thank God there are two of us or we’d never get anything done.

4. We’re southern girls at heart. Born and bred Floridians 7 generations, the two of us have yet to venture beyond the Mason Dixon line and have a special place in our heart for the Dirty South. We love Southern food, Southern traditions, Southern people & have a nasty twang that gets much thicker when intoxicated or angry. And of course there's the hottie perk. Southern-fried-gentlemen too hot for words… (Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, Chace Crawford, & of course Kentucky born but Florida Raised: Johnny Depp.

5. We’re addicted to soaps. Though Mathair and I swore we’d never fall prey to the inevitable cliffhangers of an episodic saga, it only took two words to change all that: True Blood. It started a chain reaction, or rather a domino effect, branching out to Game of Thrones, Shameless, Dracula, Vikings, Marvel’s Agents of Shield, American Horror Story, American Horror Story: Coven, and so on and so forth. After the end of every season & last episode, I get a nasty look from Mathair, who informs me that it’s my fault she’s addicted.

6. We both suffered from night terrors as children. Mathair had a reoccurring dream about an old woman with a beehive hairdo, in a white nightgown named Meg, that haunted her childhood home and my bouts with Freddy Krueger are legendary in my family. Our dreams are so bad, we've even been known to walk, talk and fight off invisible boogeymen/women in our sleep.

7. Much like Kevin Yager, we’ve followed Mathair’s Celtic sixth sense or "gut" and have based many if not all of our business decisions on this instinct.

And the Nominees are....a>

Nominate eleven (11) Bloggers:

1.) Coleen Patrick http://coleenpatrick.com/
2.) Marcia Richards Blog http://marciaarichards.com/blog
3.) Lafemmeroar http://lafemmeroar.wordpress.com/
4.) The Regular Guy NYC (Phil) http://blog.theregularguynyc.com/
5.) Lizzie R Considerings http://www.summat2thinkon.blogspot.com/
6.) Aussa Lorens Hacker.Ninja.Hooker.Spy http://aussalorens.com/
7.) Phil Gayle For Singles & Couples http://forsinglesandcouples.wordpress.com/
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9.) Mike Vogler Past My Curfew http://pastmycurfew.com/
10.) J. Cornell Michel/Jordon’s Brains http://jordansbrains.com/category/blog/
11.) Anita Noted in Nashville http://notedinnashville.com/

Thank you once again to our Sister from another Mister~Beth Teliho for giving us this incredible award! To those of you we’ve nominated, congrats!!


Now, on another note. We would like to mention something completely off the wall & separate from the post. Below, we will be leaving a link to the School: Enka Middle School Teacher: Beth Lane. She is trying to raise money for the North Carolina Writing Programs for youth. Please do not feel pressured in any way, as we are not asking for donations but simply leaving the link for those who feel they want more information; while trying to bring about awareness for programs such as this one, that work diligently with young, apsiring writers.
young writers


Beth Lane

8th Grade Language Arts
Enka Middle School

***Disney will match any donations up to $100 per donor between now and January 10th if donors use the promo code DISNEY during checkout.

Disney Will Match