Inion N. Mathair would like to say hello to the world of blogging. We will try to write blogs that are interesting and are related not only to our work, but that is current and to help those just starting out who have questions. We are fairly new ourselves, but grateful to the many friends we have made within the writing world. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, “Never before have we found an industry where people help one another with such patience and kindness.” At the end of this article, we will be mentioning just a few of those people who have been kind to us. Find your way to their sites and read, read, read! We hope to hear from you and welcome any and all comments whether good or bad. We aspire to be great writers like those we idolize, so any constructive criticism would be more than appreciated.

Inion N. Mathair

Allan Douglas: The Write Stuff (Allan has been a great twitter friend and his column has probably been the most beneficial to us as new writers.) http://www.allandouglas.com/blog/






26 thoughts on “HELLO WORLD”

  1. So happy to have met you! Your blog looks like just the type I want delivered to my inbox, so I’m following back. Write on! 🙂

  2. This is truly an excellent blog. I see a lot of hard work and a lot of heart. I’m so glad to know about it. I look forward to more visits as well as check out your books.

    • Thank you Henry!! We appreciate the kind words and support! Just dropped a little clue in my daughter/writing partner, Inion’s ear. She is a die-hard comic fan with more than 200 comics passed down to her by her Uncles & father!! She’s bugging and ready to run over to your site as we speak!! Take care our friend and you are most welcome on Two Voices…One Thought!!! 😉

  3. Literally,
    Simply Amazing blog …

    Cheers !

  4. I just “met” another blogger who let me know she found me because you referred her to me so I wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU! This is the first time that’s happened. 🙂

  5. i really like your blog and am now following you. if you have time you should check out my blog. mommyx4boys.wordpress.com

  6. Hello thank you for dropping by and liking my blog enough to follow, be well be happy and be inspired!

  7. Hello. I saw your comment on our mutual blog friend Dave Pagan’s recent post, and I am curious as to where in western North Carolina you reside. We visit my wife’s brother in Waynesville at least once a year (usually February). The area is beautiful and certainly conducive to writing. In fact, the picture on my blog’s front page was taken from his back yard. Quite different landscape than what we have here in northern Illinois! Any way, I thought I’d introduce myself and say hello. I enjoyed your recent post (“Perks of Writing”) and look forward to reading more as I visit often and hope you’ll come visit mine as the spirit moves you. –Mark 🙂

    • So nice to meet you CW. You are most welcome here at Two Voices One Thought & thank you for taking the time to comment!! We are very close to your brother-in-law. About an hours drive. We live in a tiny little town named Franklin. Just south West of Sylva & Dilsboro. And yes, the view is stunning here in the Smoky’s & most inspirational for the creative mind. But your doing yourself an injustice, friend. If you get a chance, plan your trips for late October early November. My grandmother used to call fall here, God’s Dining room Table. Says it appears as though God’s picked a bunch of wild flowers for a centerpiece. There’s no place that can match our Falls!! Golds, oranges, reds, purples, the leaves appear lit on fire & the brilliance is breathtaking. We’re so happy to find your comment & someone that’s familiar with our area. We look forward to networking with you & getting to know you better!! Headed over to your blog now to take a look see!! Oh….& Merry Christmas. 🙂

      • Glad to have you along for this journey we all share. And, yes, I would love to visit your beautiful corner of the world in late autumn and will have to plan on it. In the meantime, we will be visiting Waynesville the weekend of February 14, on our way back from Charleston, SC. I hope you’ll please reserve some kind and temperate weather for us! Thanks for your kind words and please check in often…:-)

  8. Karen Soutar said:

    Hi ladies! I’ve tagged you in the Winter Warmers Blog Hop. No worries if you don’t feel like taking part – just a bit of fun! xx

  9. positivethinking13 said:

    Great idea! Mother and daughter team, even better! 🙂

    • Thank you we kinda luv our team. 😛 (lol) And thank you for coming by Two Voices One Thought. You are most welcome; so stay & read a while. Look forward to popping in on your beautiful blog again.

  10. Thanks for the new folks to check out. The 4th one didn’t work:>(
    Love your header photo! I think you should mention something about how hilarious you are.
    May I be so bold as to make a suggestion? If you have the links that you share open in a new tab, we won’t get lost over at your neighbors, because your place will remain in its own tab.
    Did I say that right? Holler if you need me to clarify.
    See you soon,

    • You said it beautifully Patti, if you weren’t talking to cyberly challenged bloggers. Is that a word? Hmmm…I think their may be a post there. (Blog Envy A True Disorder) Please see that post to know what your dealing with. Okay, do we need you to clarify? Yes please ma’am. And if you could explain it in pictures or phonics would even be better. All kidding aside Patti we are so very new to this whole blogosphere & completely blog challenged. So if you could break it down for us, we would so greatly appreciate it. Anything that will help the blog & make it easier for our guests would definitely make us happy. I kind of get what your saying. The links to Beth is what I’m assuming but I’m not sure how to fix.

      • I’m not sure how to fix it, except to take it off and try again in edit.
        When you add a link,
        you type it out or paste into your blog post,
        you highlight it with your curser,
        you choose the chain link looking thingy up in the editor,
        that opens a screen with the link at the top,
        under it is a box to check “open link in new tab”
        That should do it. It is a good way to keep your blog open while your guests explore sites that you think are great…
        Does that make sense?

      • Perfectly! However, the last time I tried to fix a blog problem, I ended up deleting our entire sidebar. So, I will give this to my daughter tomorrow & ask her to read & fix. By the way Patti. THANK YOU!! & I mean that from the bottom of my heart. We’ve had heavy traffic, dozens of people on our blog since we changed it, two weeks ago. And no one has pointed it out other than you. Of course I understand why they didn’t. I know it wasn’t out of meanness. The people we blog with are the salt of the earth. But looking at it from their point of view, I have met several people on line that have copped attitudes when I’ve said something trying to help, as you just have. People’s feelings get hurt so easily. Not us!! It’s like my grandmother’s T.P. story. She was 86 & came out of the Walmart Bathroom. I was a ways from her & noticed people laughing, talking, pointing. So I ran over & seen that she had walked out of the restroom with toilet paper stuck in her stockings & trailing all the way to the bathroom. (What do they make that toilet paper out of anyways?) My Irish grandmother, was a thick-skinned, red haired warrior to be sure!! God I loved that woman!! I walked up to her & said. Grandma….you brought the paper with you! She looked puzzled then turned around & busted out laughing. Then she says. Did I embarrass you Natalie Dawn? I looked around & seen why she asked me that, the people still pointing, still whispering, still laughing at her, yet not one would tell her. I helped her sit down on the bench then told her I’d be right back. When I returned, I held my hand out, she took it, then I took the measuring tape & followed the trail. Then yelled out to her: Grandma….24 ft. without breaking. That’s gotta be some kind of world record!! Way to go grans!!! You did it!! She sat down on the bench & busted out into the hardiest of laughs, as her legs flew up. So hard I thought she’d pass out. As I was walking her to the bathroom, an uppety middle-aged woman, with her nose in the air, walked close to us & said in a hushed tone: “You should be ashamed of yourself Missey! Making a spectacle out of your grandmother like that!” My gran turned to her & quick as flash said. “The shames on you! My granddaughter did nothing wrong! As I walked her into the bathroom, I turned & flagged the woman who tisked & walked away. She was one of the first to point the fingers & laugh at her. So Patti, in Jaquelyn Logan Dempsey’s honor…you get my: (Grans T.P. Award) for having a heart of gold & courage to boot! & for not being afraid to measure the tape!! LMAO 🙂 Thank you ❤

      • Love this story! Best award ever:>)

      • This is the broken ink:

  11. Fellow bloggers are incredibly generous and wonderful, aren’t they? I feel blessed to be involved with such a wonderful group!

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