I had a really rough day at work the other day. So, when I got home, I grabbed my Diet Pepsi, kicked off my shoes, then laid back in my recliner and began to surf my T.V. for something to watch. It was a tough call between Narnia or The Abyss when I decided to scrap both and go with something different.

narnia   the abyss.png

Instead, I watched a roast for the late, great Don Rickles, comedian extraordinaire.

don rickles

The two hour show was basically famous faces giving back to the insult king who was known for his quick-witted vicious tongue; and no one was safe.

The Comedian laughed at himself too as the show hosted a number of fellow comedians putting him on the spit while showing excerpts from his long and brilliant career.

don rickles roast.png  don ricles roast.png

don rickles roast.1.jpg

What I realized while watching it, is how much fun they all were having and how everyone kept it light not taking anything too seriously instead just laughing. By the time I was done, I had a smile on my face and felt much better.

Isn’t it funny how a smile or laugh can make your day better? Just one giggle can turn your day around.


There are so many incredible people or comedians that have mastered the art of making us laugh. Robin Williams was one. A comedian that has made many generations find their laugh.

robin williams

Eddie Murphy

eddie murphy

I used to love Lucille Ball.

a lucy.jpg

So if you had to pick, who’s your favorite laugh master? Who makes you smile when you’re feeling down?

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