It’s finally here and it only took twenty-five years to finish it. The idea inspired by a bedtime story I created for Inion when she was five, New Salem Chronicles: The 13 Reapers is now officially available for purchase. 


This book truly is a work of love for both of us. The first book we wrote, the last to be published (for now) this book had to be re-written several times. With a change of Editor’s we were in the capable hands of a lady who was as passionate about this story as we were. Thanks Jill.

We’d like to thank our team of artists who contributed their talents to the book. Nick DeMarsico, Eric Aadnesen and Jill Jenkins. We would also like to thank our family for their patience, love and faith in us. Lastly, we would like to apologize for our online absence for the past year. As I’m sure you all know, we’ve been internet ghosts as of late. Something we’re not happy about because we’ve grown so close to all our blogging community who we are proud to call friends. But we knew if we didn’t take a leave of absence, we would never finish the book.

We hope that you enjoy reading this story as much as we enjoyed writing it.


Renowned for her diverse teaching methods, Sara Lunella has come home to New Salem, Massachusetts to teach at The Mildred Pierce Academy. Coming from a long line of Celtic witches, Sara uses magic and the age old tradition of ‘show and tell’ to educate young minds. But, Sara may not be the only one touched by magic. Her class spins her lessons upside down as they travel back in time to reveal a dangerous history behind a lost town and the connection it has between her and her students. They try to uncover the enigma but the barrier of reality is broken when a trio of mystical women wreaks havoc on the time travelers. Dealing with the bitter memories of her own childhood, Sara, along with her enchanted raven, Brenhin, must come to terms with her destined path and pursue the mystery surrounding her thirteen reapers.