As most of you know Mathair worked in law enforcement for 18 years. It was there she got her first introduction to the paranormal world. Sounds crazy but it’s absolutely true. Her boss, the Special Agent Supervisor brought in a Clairvoyant to the office (FDLE) to work with them on the case of a missing girl. She couldn’t believe that something as scientific as law would rely on something like this. Yet the woman was able to lead them to the little girls body.

Of course I was infatuated with the paranormal world early on. We’ve always loved the dark and unusual and felt a pull to people who dabble in it or are conductors within that orchestra.

A year or so ago we were fortunate enough to meet a woman who is in fact a clairvoyant. Gifted and wise this lady spent time with us talking about her gift & the truth & misconceptions that often accompany the paranormal world.

This post and the next will be our interview with, “Spiritual Ivy.” We have kept her real name out of this as well as her picture. There are those legitimate clairvoyants or (mediums) who prefer to keep their anonymity and we will respect that. She is a successful business woman and has a busy schedule so we feel honored that she was willing to take the time to sit down with us and appear on Two Voices….One Thought.

(INM) Spiritual Ivy, first off we’d like to thank you for taking the time to appear on Two Voices….One Thought. It’s no secret that Mathair and I are fascinated with the paranormal world.

(SI) Thank you. I’m super excited to hang out with both of you!

(INM) SI, so many times people spend their entire lives with gifts they are wholly unaware of. Did you know about your gift early or did you discover it later on in life?

(SI) Some of the stories I’ve been told about my childhood, I know my angels and guides have been right by my side since the moment I was conceived. Was I aware of them? I think so. Fast forward and I was introduced to a healing modality known as Reiki. In a short time I became a Reiki Master Teacher. I would say that was the catalyst to confirm, to remove the veils; to glue the pieces together for an amazing bigger picture.

(INM) We are definitely in the dark ages, lol 😉 What used to be a taboo subject seems to be the trend now. Hollywood’s infatuation with the afterlife has spilled over into reality creating a worldwide desire for more proof of life after death. Do you believe that the world of paranormal psychology is now a scientifically respected field or do you feel that it has a way to go before being considered a legitimate science?

(SI) I feel that film and definitely multimedia has catapulted the popularity of paranormal experiences. The good thing from this explosion of vast sources of information is to allow those who have an experience to hopefully realize that they are not alone. The more we communicate and share, the more we learn and understand. If I were to share an experience with you, you might be interested enough in what I was sharing. Add photo’s, video, audio, meters, etc….credibility soars. I have to admit that when I can see orbs on video I get excited too. I guess it’s human nature to want that tangible confirmation with anything. Course there will always be those who argue “It’s not raining!” even though they’re drenched.

(INM) What would you classify yourself as in regards to your gift?

(SI) I try to avoid labels or classifications. I do like the word “multifaceted” however. Diamonds are usually what comes to one’s mind when they hear that word. I am definitely no diamond but my experiences are so different and unique each time. They can be as fascinating as holding any diamond up to the sunlight and seeing the multiple refractions of colors and light.

(INM) Mathair told you that we write dark books because we’re dark. You said: “Don’t use the word dark to describe you and your daughter. You both have bright lights.” Have you ever seen an aura that was dark and frightened you?

(SI) I have seen a few dark aura’s and they were amazing. However for me, they are harder to see. Aura’s are outside layers, beyond the flesh that resonate with and reflect our health, (physical, mental and spiritual.) I feel that the study of auras and chakras are fundamental to anyone working on self healing. I have seen people with dark energy. I wouldn’t say that I was scared but instinctively a wall of protective energy spun around me.

(INM) Have you ever been part of a séance?

(SI) Yes but I’d rather not discuss something that was so personal to those involved.

(INM) So many of us would love to communicate with loved ones who have passed. And you’re saying that this is possible?

(SI) Yes. As long as THEY want to communicate with you. It’s no different than this realm. You can recognize or ignore the attempts of someone trying to contact you by cell phone.

(INM) Have you ever used Tarot Cards? What do you use in the way of trinkets to aid your gift?


(SI) Yes, I have Tarot cards and use them often. I am not as proficient with them as I would like to be but they are definitely in my basket. I don’t really use any “thing” when encountering spirits or doing readings or whatever presents itself. When I find myself in a rut or at a crossroad, I get my pendulum out. That is my go to. I will also lay out Tarot cards or Destiny Cards.

This completes the first part of our interview with Spiritual Ivy. We’ll be posting Part II in a few weeks. We know that Ivy would love to hear from all of you so please make sure to say hi and welcome her to our community.