Inion & I love writing but unfortunately, it don’t pay the bills. So we have our “other” job which just so happens to be in retail. We’re coming up on a big day in retail. The dreaded Black Friday; and for us, Brown Thursday. Of course the store is buzzing with the anticipation of the biggest shopping day of the year.

We have our Christmas decorations wrapped around every display & dripping off every isle and the big countdown bear making the event all the more terrifying. Now all we have to do is wait for the stampede.

Of course we and our co-workers pray for some semblance of civility & good will hoping that the shoppers will remember what time of year it is and hold fast to the true spirit of the holidays. We hope…we pray…then we remember Stanley Tucci’s brilliant advice.


Last year we had two men break into a fist-fight over a plasma T.V.

The man pulled back and swung missing his intended victim & hitting an innocent bystander. The joke was on him when the victim flipped his badge out and proceeded to arrest him for assaulting a police officer. Yup, he hit a cop. And we thought we had shit luck!!

So now we wait to see what this year brings in the way of Black Friday Funnies. Stories that ill be immortalized in the world of retail.

As for us, we ask ourselves the dreaded question that most turkeys do this time of year. Do we wait to see if we’re passed up or possibly get stuffed, carved & served to a bunch of hungry holiday shoppers?


What’s your best Black Friday story. Come on don’t be shy cough it up!! We need a laugh!!