For those that enjoyed our last post with Spiritual Ivy, this is Part 2 of that interview.

(INM) When dealing with the Paranormal it would seem that energy is the key word. Is this the case with haunted houses and have you ever been inside one?


(SI) Yes. It has to do with vibrations (energy). We are at very low vibrations compared to those that exist in other realms. For spirits and things from other realms to thrive here, they have to use electricity, water, our emotions, etc….

Haunted houses are usually occupied with past residents or incidents. If an investigation was made (as it should be in all cases) they would probably find power lines, a transformer box, or a power substation nearby. The house could be near a river, ocean, lake or an underground stream. The house could have a lot of positive or negative energy. I have experienced many “occupied” structures. I have a little house in Tennessee that is occupied. But they are very social and mean no harm.

(INM) Can you strengthen your gift?

(SI) I have to admit that there was a period that I actually worked with my guides to suppress my sensitivity. It can take quite a bit of energy and self-control to stay present in the moment for my job, a normal conversation with someone, as opposed to the distraction of the constant visions and voices sometimes. But I felt an emptiness and soon realized that I was letting the negativity influence me to hold back. I have since worked with my guides to remove the veils and open up once again. And with this comes a welcome familiarity and confidence. You’ve heard the saying, “use it or lose it.” That’s what my answer would be on how to strengthen anything.

(INM) Ouija; it’s just a board…right? Talk to us about Ouija and the truth behind it.


(SI) Even wishes and prayers are directed by intent and the source of the intent (dark or light) is a factor.

Ouija Boards were popular at slumber parties when I was a kid. Was the thing really moving by itself or was someone pushing it? Who knows! It was never really fun for me just a creepy feeling in my gut. (Trust your gut)

It’s not the cardboard. I feel it’s the intent or naivety and a void that while it is being used, becomes adverse. I know there are people who never lock their doors and have no problem sleeping. Having an open portal is like that. You probably wouldn’t mind your neighbors walking in but what about a stranger who’s up to no good? Just for the record, I lock my doors.


(INM) Are curses real? Or is it all in the cursed person’s perception?


(SI) If someone throws a bucket of green paint on you, what would you do? Lay down and cry because you’re green? Allow the paint to spread staining everything it touches until it finally dries on your clothes and hair? Probably not. You’ll throw your clothes away, bathe multiple times but eventually get every last fleck of paint off until you’re good as new. The whole ordeal may leave you unnerved, but you’re fine. Remember this, curses carry a tremendous amount of karma on the one who throws them. That being said, the recipient has choices too.

(INM) Perhaps a question that’s been haunting people is whether or not we can be possessed by a ghost. Can we and if so, who’s susceptible to possession?

(SI) I believe spirits can attach themselves to people, places or things as long as there is a source of energy to sustain them. I feel that sometimes they may hitch a ride just for the fun of it. I have found that people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, emotional trauma or depression are more vulnerable to these hitchhikers and in some cases possession.

(INM) Do you believe the “gift” can be passed from one generation to the next?


(SI) I believe sensativity can be hereditary. Science has proven that twins who aren’t raised together but later reunite will have the same interests, traits and mannerisms. A child growing up not knowing his/her parents can end up with the same alcohol or drug addictions because they share this gene. As with anything, we have choices. Just because a gene indicates that we are predisposed to something, it is a choice to acknowledge it or deny it. And that’s with anything inherited.


(INM) If you could visit any place in the world where would you go?

(SI) I have always been drawn to Ireland. I don’t know exactly why but as a kid I was mesmerized by the pictures in our geography books. Is it a recognition of a past life? Is this where I was pushed off a cliff for being a witch? Who knows? But I bet there would be a lot of old energies and outrageous experiences waiting to be found.


(INM) Recently you went with a local group of paranormal investigators to a closed down asylum that is very old. While there, you were able to uncover some pretty amazing finds including some recordings. Do you feel the Smoky Mountains are teeming with spirits?


(SI) Our Smoky Mountains are special for sure. I feel they are like sponges that have absorbed energies since they were formed. There are tons of crystals salted throughout the mountain range and valleys. They are like memory chips and help hold the history of the experiences of all its people.

(INM) What would your advice be to a Paranormal enthusiast wanting to break into the field?

(SI) First and foremost, trust your gut. Take baby steps. Don’t go with a bunch of party animals. Just take one or two people who would respect your efforts. Don’t go under the influence of anything (drugs, alcohol, etc.) keep your senses sharp. I like to go to places and then research the background/history to confirm any experiences. Always go with a clean slate this way you’re not subject to influence. Next, play back and study audio/video/photo’s after you get home. Things may appear on electronics that are not noticed at the occurring moment. Don’t get frustrated. When you watch the ghost hunting shows on television, you are watching an accumulation of hours, days and weeks of audio and video condensed and edited into a 30 minute program.

When I go into a place, I usually just bring myself and experience whatever (if anything) happens. I have carried my camera, audio recorder, my K2, my infrared camera and not pulled any of it out for being caught up in the moment. To be honest, I myself would rather focus on the experience and leave the gadgets to be manned by whoever else is with me.

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(INM) Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, these living breathing monsters wreaked havoc on their victims without remorse. Some would argue that humans are responsible for their own actions. While others say these monsters were possessed by a demon or evil spirit. Science dictates a formula. What do you think about this?


(SI) Why do some people choose to carry dark energy as opposed to light? There must be as many reasons as there are people. They are probably classified into several categories such as mental depravation, social influence, etc.

Your question eludes to a category of spiritual void. I feel it is greatly possible for a person to host dark (as well as light) energy. Our bodies are merely vessels for our soul/spirit to occupy. You cannot have darkness in the light, however there can be shadows. We can hide in the shadows or live in the light.


(INM) We can’t tell you how much we enjoyed this sit down, Ivy.

(SI) Thank you. I enjoyed spending time with both of you.

This concludes our interview with Spiritual Ivy. We hope you all enjoyed meeting her and will be leaving her blog address below so that you can visit her. Thank you.