Writers hear voices. It’s just a side effect of the job. In the midst of working on our newest series (New Salem Chronicles), Kevin’s voice remains ever present and relentless. For fans of the Bastard Chronicles, it’s no surprise to you that Kevin is a main character that’s very hard to shake off. No matter where we go, what we’re doing or who’s near, Kevin’s voice is always there; demanding his story be told. Mathair and I have taken a hiatus from the blogosphere as of late, preparing the first novel we wrote together to be published. Of course, Kevin intercedes every now and again. Never one to take a backseat to anyone, Kevin won’t stop until his voice is heard and his story is told. It’s one of the reasons we love Kevin so much and the major reason why he is continuously my favorite character to write for. He is an unstoppable force with an ego to match, a fighting spirit to be commended and (though I hate sounding biased) a beautifully flawed unlikely hero. And so, we can finally give you the trailer for the second installment of the Bastard Chronicles: The Crazy 8. We’d like to thank everyone involved in the making of this trailer as there was a lot of TLC put into it. And a big thank you to our blogging buddies for being so patient and supportive. We wouldn’t be here without you and we can’t wait to get back on and catch up with all of you. We’d also like to thank Kevin for his constant inspiration, crude yet sarcastic narrative and arduous yet fun story.