THE CRAZY 8 (Bastard Chronicles)


As Heaven and Hell prepare for war, the world waits for a leader to rise and fate has chosen one mouthy little bastard

Our book The Crazy 8 still isn’t published but a little birdy told us that it’s only a matter of days before it’s big debut into the world. We thought we would introduce you to the characters as seen inside our head.

It’s an interesting thing writing books. The characters are as real as family members which is why Inion & I call them our babies. Some of you may remember them from our first book in the series, The Perfect 7. But we’ve lost a few along the way & added a few others.

The Cast of Characters in: The Crazy 8 (Bastard Chronicles)

Main Character: Kevin Yager (The Beautiful Aaron Johnson *for you Bethie)

Dahlia: (Rachelle Lefevre)


Nelius – Cornelius Irving (Malcolm David Kelley)

Nan – Nan Amurri (Vanessa Lengies)

Simon Atkins (Sean Hayes)

Tootsie The Pooch (Jill The Dog)


Lennon (Lamman Rucker)

Viktor Vikirrus (Jeremy Irons)

Reeves Larkin (Clive Owen)

Franqueza (Penelope Cruz)

Amos Prince (Michael Fassbender)

And there you have it… the faces that filled our minds while writing The Crazy 8. We hope to have the book to you very, very soon!!

Synopsis: I’d like to think the world is full of color, but that’s just not the way things work. Life is black and white and spectrum’s narrow into slits of neutrality while opposites dissipate into a stoic populace of Stepford assholes and Kool-Aid drinkers. The transition was slow enough to seem like progress and deadly enough to be effective. Nobody predicted it would happen; nobody but me. The players are in position and the games ready to start. Welcome to the New World Order; welcome to Hell on Earth; this is the Apocalypse.