Well, we’re approaching the publishing debut for the second book in our series: The Crazy 8 – Bastard Chronicles. So we wanted to do a book cover reveal.

We are so excited about the front and back cover which was designed for us by our Book Cover Artist, Nick Demarsico.


We’ll be leaving a website where you can visit Nick and see more of his beautiful work. And trust us, you’ll want to see more.

We would like to thank our blogging buddies for all your support this past year while we’ve been working on our baby.

And now for the Cover…

Front cover for: The Crazy 8

Back cover for: The Crazy 8

We can’t tell you how proud we are to share this with all of you and hope you enjoyed the book cover reveal. Please be sure to visit Nick’s website & for those interested in working with Nick, please feel free to contact him by way of the links we’re leaving below. Thanks again.

Nick DeMarsico: