So, we’ve reached the end of our Beth Teliho Interview & Book Give-Away.

No, it’s okay SpongeBob. This is a good thing. Because now someone get’s a PRIZE!!!! 😉

Happy Dance indeed. We have our contestants (the commenters).

We did our random selection process.

While everyone waited on the edge of their seats.

Well….okay, maybe not everyone! So now we’ll get the commenters lined up to announce the winner.

Any last words? Just this from us:

And the winner of our Book Raffle is……..

Spiritual Ivy!!!!!

Congratulations, Spiritual Ivy. And now for your prize…


Hell yeah!! One phenomenal, freaking read!! Congrats again, Spiritual Ivy on scoring a brilliant book by an amazing Woman & Author.

Thanks again to Superstar Beth Teliho (our Bethie) for appearing on Two Voices…One Thought. And thanks to all our commenters for taking the time to chat-up Bethie. If you’d like to keep the convo going & trust us, YOU DO; Head on over to her blog:

If you didn’t win the copy of Bethie’s book, “Order of Seven” head on over to Amazon & grab your copy now.