Although it seems silly, for us it is exciting. Most of you are familiar with our book, The Perfect 7. But what we haven’t told you is that we’ve republished it. Not in hopes of increasing sales. (although that would be nice. lol ) But because it’s been tweaked. We said tweaked…..TWEAKED not twerked!!! We’ve introduced our book cover artist to all of you before, Nick DeMarsico. Yes he’s gorgeous ladies and a consummate Artists through and through. And the new back cover is his creation. The infamous tattoo that the boys get on Isle Exodus. Thanks Nick!!   Along with Nick’s contribution to P-7 we also have a new graphic art designer who handles our websites as well as the formatting for our books. And yes, he’s also brilliant. Erik Aadnesen. Thanks Erik!! We also came up with a name for our baby figuring it wouldn’t be right to let it go on in this world without one. Yes, we pulled a Ben Stiller. (Flirting With Disaster) 65401-zoolander-blue-steel-gif-AHeR And of course by a name we mean a name for the series. Envelope please….. Bastard Chronicles You like? We thought so; and we’re pretty proud parents.   Now most of you know we’ve been blogging ghosts as of late working on book number two in the Bastard Chronicles series. bastard symbol Well, we’ve finally finished and have it with the Beta Readers awaiting the feedback. We’ll save anything else related to that for another blog post, book cover reveal and so on. But as for Two Voices…One Thought, we have some pretty cool posts and blog guests coming up. Yes we’ll be regulars again and we’ve missed you all soooo much!!! Here’s just a few names to look forward to: Ivy, Beth Teliho, Amy Masur, J. Cornell Michel, Annie Wilson, Nichole B. and many more. And here’s just a sample to tantalize you!   For now, we look forward to leaving our place to come & haunt your blogs. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Congrats to Nick on making the front cover of his schools newly published Art Book!! _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Bastard Chronicles: The Perfect 7