For those of you who have never had the privilege of meeting this beautiful red-haired lady, Inion N. Mathair would like to introduce you to, Jess Witkins. We met Jess, through another phenomenal red-head, Marcia Richards Blog. Super Awesome Blog (We’ll bring Marcia on another post!! 😉 xo )

Jess Witkins is such an incredible young woman who blogs about Life, Love, Writing, Family, Books, Travel, Chocolate and WOMEN!! Yes, WOMEN…Strong, Supportive, Artistic, Brilliant, WOMEN!! Which is why we absolutely luv this lady!! She’s always dropping rays of her bright sunshine across the blogosphere and is a major supporter of Writers & Books. She’s utterly adorable and absolutely Fun!!



she recently tied the knot. (swoons) That post is a beautiful, romantic one that we highly recommend you check out. MY BIG FAT SECRET GREEK WEDDING ~

Jess married in  Santorini, Greece. Uhh, yeah…cuz if you’re gonna get married, why not make the backdrop Greece!!

Recently we visited Jess’ blog & found a post we particularly loved. We wanted to Press that baby, but Jess’ blog isn’t WordPress so instead, we decided to do a post ourselves then give Jess’ Blog address and the video.

JESS’ BLOG POST: I’m Enough ~

Does the mirror reflect your worth?

This is the question that a group of women from Austen, TX came together to answer. But first, they started a band.

Their group is called The Mrs.

Unable to connect with the songs they were hearing on the radio, well past the years of the teenage heartbreak and club beats, they sought to create music inspired by their own lives as passionate – and busy – wives, mothers, and girlfriends.

The all-female rock band is comprised of drummer Andra Liemandt, lead vocalists/guitarists Mandy Prater and Jennifer Zavaleta, vocals/keyboardist Larissa Ness, and bassist Jenny Mason.

They wrote a song called ‘I’m Enough.’ And from that song, they gave birth to a movement.

For the rest of this post, hop on over to Jess’ Blog & enjoy!!!

JESS’ BLOG POST: I’m Enough ~