We got a little heavy with the last post, so we wanted to do something more near and dear to our hearts. And anyone that knows us well, knows Inion N. Mathair LOVES spotlighting other Artists. Throw in these 9 lovely ladies as the subject:

And well…..

So for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting these women, it gives us great pleasure to introduce you to a group of phenomenal writers and extraordinary ladies known as:  THE SISTERWIVES

Now the name alone, is quite unique and spawns all kinds of crazy images you play with from crazy Soap Opera Series…..


To Southern relationships gone wrong…

But when put with these Dynamic Literary Diva’s well it’s just down right potent, utterly brilliant & all kinds of sexy!!! ❤

A powerful Sisterhood that’s agenda is supporting each other and spreading that support to anyone else who might need it. All through the power of writing.


We can’t say it as beautifully as one of the Sisterwives did. (Lizzi ~ CONSIDERINGS)  http://summat2thinkon.wordpress.com/

“We allow people to see some of our very darkest moments because we know that to be able to find solace and the depiction of a darkness of your own, in someone else’s writing, is a very powerful thing indeed.”

“We reached out, tightened the bonds between us and prepared to collectively resonate so hard that we will be heard across the Blogosphere.”

“We will strive to let our readers know that whatever their challenge, they are not alone;”

Oh yeah…she’s that freaking awesome!! A deep thinker sensitive to life and others she gives oceans of her heart in every word she forms in that beautiful little head of hers!! And its all sincere and selfless making Lizzi Rogers a jewel among the blogosphere!!! Her blog: “CONSIDERINGS” takes the reader on a journey touched by sunshine and all kinds of positive energy to anyone who needs a dose; and with Lizzi~Girl, all are welcome!! 😉 What makes Lizzi crazy loved by all who know her is her eternal philosophy that your cup is never half-empty but always half-full!!

Her constant support of those around her leaves her halo always bright & her wings never tired!!

And her positivity has spread through the blogosphere like a wild-brushfire!!!

However, she is but one of the 9 women who are living parts of this body of feminine-power called THE SISTERWIVES. So, let us introduce you to the others.

The next Sisterwife is no stranger to Inion N. Mathair and if you’re friends with us, then you absolutely know the Blonde-Texan with a warm heart and hysterical sense of humor. Beth Teliho “Bethie” as we like to call her, is without a doubt the essence of Female strength, touched by pure Southern charm. She is an animated creature larger than life, yet wholly accessible to all, in that she’s the “girl-next-door.” That perfect girl-friend that will teach you how to throw a right hook to knock out that bastard that double-crossed you.

And on Friday night give up her date-night to join you, (spoon in hand) to polish off a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s.

Now, for those that don’t know, I (Inion) have a bit of a “Girl-crush” on Beth…it’s true!! Sorry Bethie but I have to get it out there!!! (The stalking charges and restraining order are mere tokens) lmfao. But then everyone has a freaking crush on her once they’ve met her!! She’s that fan-fu**ing-tastic!! Her blog: “Writer B Is Me” leaves you laughing your ass off while you relate to every single word that comes out of that firecracker’s mouth!! With Blog-post-titles such as:

1.)  WTF’S, Beards, BJ’s, and Anniversaries. Related, But Not.

2.)  Did she just…grab my ASS?!

3.)  I’m A Whore

4.)  Nudie Resorts And The Ass Dance

The woman personifies what a truly perfect sense of humor should be!! Thus the “Girl-crush” And with eight of her Sisterwives present, I’m saying that knowing I’ll probably get my ass kicked!! 😉

Yet in the same sense, she has a precious warmth and soft side that captures your heart and mind, leaving you perplexed and intrigued with her vulnerability.

So, don’t wait!! After you check out THE SISTERWIVES swing  by her blog: Writer B Is Me and Ingest the Words. Like little blue pills, they will affect you.


Next Sisterwife we would like you to check out is one of Mathair’s favorite Poet’s. Deanna Herrmann is an Artistic Chameleon with too many gifts to list. Course Mathair considers her an indulgence and says her poetry is as addictive as Salted Caramel and just as sinfully delicious. Her blog: “My Muted Voice” is a favorite haunt of ours as we devour any and everything she writes. A gem within the blogosphere she spends most all of her time supporting other Artists and hosting more than one blog within the community. You’ll definitely want to check out this American Writer living a charmed  life in Germany while finding her, Muted Voice. And oh what a voice she has. A deliciously dark Diva, she is a must read.

http://mymutedvoice.com/                          http://tipsylit.com/about/

Now for the fourth Sisterwife but the first in Mathair’s book, we introduce you to a lady who’s blog-name is not representative of who she truly is. WHAT?! Was that an insult? We hate those loaded compliments that seem to be praises but are really a dis.


But with Sandy Ramsey, it’s always a compliment.

Her blog: “Mother of Imperfection” is a candid look at motherhood from a lady who’s mastered that role. Shown from her humble point of view, she is without a doubt one of the finest mothers on this planet and her words are filled with wisdom and utter love and devotion. Whereas some use Yoga, meditation, gyms or the Bible, Mathair likes to read Sandy’s posts to even her world while finding sound reason to her problems from Sandy’s experiences. Me, I just love to absorb her glorious “light that only gets in through the cracks.” And then there’s Mathair’s obsession with Sandy’s resemblance to Meryl Streep!! Wait…that’s a whole other post! 😉 xoxo



Our next Sisterwife is another Blonde-Bombshell from the Lonestar State but this star, shines brighter than any!!

Mandi has a brilliantly, strong mind with enough feminine attitude to keep you laughing and shouting for days!! Like a good Pentecostal meeting in a church below the Mason Dixon line, you’ll find yourself raising your hand, amen’ing~(is that a word? We’re going with it!) dancing, singing and speaking in tongues as you devour each and every story while laughing your ass off!! Mandi’s greatest gift is sharing her life while tapping into yours!! Can’t tell you how much we luv this lady you’ll just have to read her words for yourself. Besides, anyone who can strap a Blog-name: Cellulite Looks Better Tan and totally make that shit not only work but scripture…. SOLD!!!!!! 😉 One of our favorite all-time posts:  The Penis Monologues is just one of the many brilliant ones this writer shares within our blogging community. So take a ride on the Reading Railroad, pass Go, collect your $200.00…..

Then head on over to: http://cellulitelooksbettertan.wordpress.com/

& be sure to tell Mandi, that her friends, Inion N. Mathair sent you!! 😉 xoxo

Now, although we could research and write words that others have said…WE DON’T! Of the nine (9) women who make up “The Sisterwives” Inion N. Mathair is only close to five (5). Our loss for sure, because anyone who links themselves with these ladies above, has to be extraordinary. But we haven’t had the pleasure to spend time with them or read their work YET!! (Well…all except Laurie who we’ve been delving into off & on for the past few months between writing. Shhh!!!!! LUV HER~ So we’ll leave their names below and tell you that once we’re done with our book, we will be following their blogs and reading as much as we can, while finding out who these phenomenal ladies are and then….another post re-introducing them; and we absolutely can’t wait!!


A BUICK IN THE LAND OF LEXUS ~ Fresh Hell Trumps Stale Heaven


Hasty Words:

Turning Tears & Laughter Into Words.



Resilient Audacity ~ The Art of Bold Comebacks


Jennie Saia:


The Tip Of My Tongue ~ Where The Wild Words Are

And there you have them, all 9 of the Sisterwives. For now, we will tell you that these 9 women have tapped into literary cosmic harmony that is felt by all who share with them.

The Sisterwives Blog-site: http://sisterwivesspeak.com/

 Blog-rock-stars, famous for the impact they have made on so many lives through writing.


They will leave their Footprints on the world…

their Blog-print’s on our hearts;

Their words haunting our minds forever…

And their beautiful lights dancing above our dark world!


Okay, so it felt like a Bon Jovi moment…..sue us!!! Enjoy 😉 xoxo