So sorry this is late but it’s definitely worth the wait!! We recently interviewed the brilliant, JC McKenzie about her book SHIFT HAPPENS. First off, thanks to the lovely JC for coming by Two Voices….One Thought and sharing time with this crazy mama/daughter duo. We we’re so excited to talk with her about her phenomenal book she’s recently published.

Now, as promised, we have a book give-away for the visitors who took part in the interview by leaving their comments and chatting JC up. We made sure to do this the proper way by choosing randomly one commenter to receive their signed copy of JC’s book: Shift Happens.

So….drum roll please Inion!

And the winner is….

Curt Mekemson
So Curt, we’ll be letting JC know to send you your signed copy of Shift Happens. And thanks to all of you for taking the time to meet and greet our dear friend, JC McKenzie.