A little over a month ago, we received a message from a dear friend of ours, that she nominated us for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD!

This brilliant & beautiful writer is none other than….

Victoria Dougherty

Victoria Dougherty of (Blog) Cold: The way revenge is best served; the way a war was fought; the way a story should be told.

A phenomenal blog that we’ve been following for quite some time. If you haven’t been to Victoria’s blog, then stop what your doing & pop on over to read some of her brilliant posts.   http://victoriadougherty.wordpress.com/

Of course when we received this lovely award, we we’re a little twisted about accepting it.

After all…we had already been nominated for THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD by another friend and didn’t want to overkill the award, bring shame to the title or have false award claims filed against us!

Blogging Judge

We also didn’t want to ignore the honor bestowed upon us by a fellow writer we respect so much.  So, we gave the idea some serious thought with days of sweating bullets & nights of restless sleep.

With nothing to do but think of the award! Well, that’ not exactly true. We did allow our mind to wonder a bit….

call of duty

(as they start on their eighteenth hour of killing Zombies in Call of Duty)

Tuned in for the next round of: The Voice

Then got into a philosophical debate on the theory of the Alpha Male as taken from an intelligent website:


The idea being: “One of the tenets of evolutionary psychology is that women are programmed to test men for strength and leadership. Constantly.” Now where were we? Hm…..Oh yes, Alpha Males! Which ended up in an age old debate of Vampires vs. Werewolves (True Blood for those who aren’t fans) Inion loving Alexander Skarsgard & myself being a Joe Manganiello fan.

Then when we’d had enough of the mental torture. What we figured it all boiled down to was this. When a friend gives you a gift…you don’t turn it down or say, “Thanks but my other friend gave me one already!” No, you feel utterly honored and completely humbled because they took the time to say, your blog means something to them as does your friendship!

And so, we’d like to thank Victoria Dougherty for this unbelievable award she’s given to us. And we’d like to ask all of you, who didn’t follow the link up above

to go ahead & visit Victoria’s blog right now & check her out.

Well…not that kind of checking her out!!

We won’t follow the rules to the Award as we’ve already done this before, so we are merely going to accept graciously and leave it at that.

But we will tell you all, that it’s been an unbelievable journey we’ve had so far & the best part of the journey was meeting all of you, our blogging buddies who have become close & beloved friends, sisters/brothers & who are held close to our hearts! Now catch this great, big, giant, kiss from Inion N. Mathair Mwa (they make smoocy sounds XXXXXX)

Now we shall head back to the writing room & editing once I get Inion off this image!

adam levine