Well we’ve headed back to our writing room, put up the sign & warned all our networking friends & family that we’ll be out of commission for a while.

Although we’ve had a few disturbances…mainly Nana’s dog Peppy whose disguised himself and infiltrating our workroom.

That one didn’t work, Peppy!

That one either!

What can we say. The dog has issues! 😉

We we’re finally able to clear the room and begin working on our book. We we’re doing pretty good too. Although Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & our blog we’re calling to us. And even though our email was piling up. We we’re good girls and stayed off line concentrating on our novel.

We had a good pace and we’re hopeful that we could get through this process with little to no bickering…disagreements…& mud slinging!

Coarse, it got rough there for a while!

We we’re at the end of our ropes!

Then our Bus.Manager/Nana came in to lend a hand.

First she recommended that we visit a few blogs we love to read to unwind & get our mind off the story. That’s easy enough!

Beth Teliho

We had some hysterical laughs at: Writer B Is Me, thanks to our Bethie! Thx

We had some phenomenal advice from another friend who gave us some incredible ideas for…..guess what? Of all things, how to fill the time between editing so you don’t go crazy. Thanks Coleen!!


Coleen Patrick


We looked at some beautiful pictures, thanks to the incredible photography of: Cindy Knoke.

I Blog Therefore I Am

I Blog Therefore I Am

Then we held a Facebook “Hemsworth Contest” asking all our Facebook friends to vote on which Hemsworth brother was their favorite.


We even made up fake prizes promising  a hot date with Chris or Liam for the 2 randomly chosen winners. (We did this to get votes for our favs, (Mathair’s) being a Liam fan & (Inion) being a Chris fan! Sorry for the fake date guys! In order to make restitution we’ve set up a real one with our neighbor/brothers- Enos & Lawtry Humplefrumpf!

Enos & Lawtry

But now we’re back on track & ready to work. We will be taking a break from posting for a while. Well…kind of! We’ll have a phenomenal interview with Author J.C. McKenzie about her book due to launch March 27th. SHIFT HAPPENS. So excited for that one!!

jc mckenzie

But other than that & a few silly’s we will be quiet and will have long times between those. Imagine that! I’m sure when we’re done, we’ll be dead tired & ready to throw our laptops out!

But with a little luck & lotta hard work we’ll have finished New Salem Chronicles: The 13 Reapers & will have turned an old chunk of cole into a diamond. 😉

We love all of you our Blogging Buddies who have been there from the start and offered a hand in friendship, listening to our rants, giving advice when needed & making us laugh & cry! And so we’ll leave you with the man in black to finish this blog post: