I’m sure you’ve all heard me say, that Inion knew she wanted to be a writer from a very early age. When she was in the fourth grade, her teacher (Mrs. Bradshaw) gave an assignment to the class. She gave them (15) words that they were to make a page long fictional story out of. This was the first writing competition she ever won. The teacher told me she was very creative going in a direction she wouldn’t have even thought of. The words were: Michael, dog, store, love, truck, apple, broken,….well you get the picture. Inion wrote a love story about a truck driver named Michael who was a girl and who fell in love with a man she met at a truck stop. (a love at first sight) The apple is what he gave her, and she thought she’d never see him again. But she found out he hid a note inside of it where she could meet him.

The most important thing a writer can do, is to engage their readers. Jennifer M. Zeiger has done just that on her beautiful blog ADVENTURE AWAITS YOU. By writing her stories down in excerpts, then allowing the readers to vote on the direction. She has found a way to interact with her visitors and challenge them with her brilliant stories, making us the reader feel as though we’re helping her to write it. BRILLIANT Jennifer~ We hope you enjoy Jennifer’s blog post: Alosian Oasis Option Aa1: Accept the Boy’s Help.

As for us, we’ve been voting and keeping up with this story and can’t wait to see if our last vote will alter the course.

See Jennifer’s post below this and please be sure to read the earlier excerpts so that you get the full story.