For the past six months, we have neglected our blog to focus on our book, THE PERFECT 7, which as you know was finally published, gotten it’s first review (5-star), was given as a gift in a contest, has had two interviews & is scheduled to have it’s first debut (reading). Thanks to all of you we have been able to do this process with little to no hiccup and have even found it enjoyable. Its a truly amazing thing to watch your characters come alive through conversations between fellow readers and it makes the hard work all worth while as there is nothing that can match that feeling.

For the next two months, we will be marketing THE PERFECT 7, editing our second, NIGHTWALKERS: THE SECRET OF JESSUP, to give to our editor and then a September release & the same with our short story compilation that’s due to release in October just in time for Halloween, FROM THE DARK & TWISTED MIND OF INION N. MATHAIR.

Rather than neglect our blog, We have decided to give back to our dearest blogging friends who welcomed us into this community with open arms, sharing their minds, hearts & art. So, once a week we will select a post to press on our blog. We will leave one comment as to why we chose the blog and then spend a week sharing it with the world. Inion N. Mathair would like to thank all of you once again, for your amazing support. There is nothing finer and no class of people greater than the writing community and the ones we call…..friends!

This week, we give to you a post we read by fellow Author/Blogger~ Carrie Rubin: THE WRITE TRANSITION From One Life Chapter To The Next ~ Inion & I read this post a week back & enjoyed the insight to a writers conf. in New York. Carrie’s post of her trip, made the reader feel as though they were there with her, taking in all the sights. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did. And please make sure to leave Carrie a comment as well as taking the time to check out her book: THE SENECA SCOURGE if you haven’t already. We’ve picked up our copy and are looking forward to the read. So without further ado~ We present to you: WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A WRITERS’ CONFERENCE: THRILLERFEST A-Z