This is from a dear friend of ours and a fellow member of Wordsmiths of Macon, I. Douglas. He is a very talented gentleman and brings a much needed male perspective to our female dominated group. His poems don’t hesitate to move us with their fluid rhythms and provoke deep emotions. Thank you for your beautiful poem, and the honor of posting it on our site.

Stuck in the Door

Maybe it was a thought
Maybe something forgot
Turning back
Thinking maybe, one more time
But I got stuck in the door

Not a trap
Not a mishap
Simple thoughts
Suspended for a moment
Puzzled by the hesitation
Just stuck in the door

Should I call your name
Could we play a game
Doesn’t matter
I can slow down
Take a look around
While I am stuck in the door

Seems I remember
Seems I tremble
As years go by
Days of laughing
Days of love
Just stuck in the door

Guess I can turn
Guess I can learn
As tears dry
I can find my way
I don’t have to be
Stuck in the door

By: I. Douglas