*We’ve been in the process of readying our novel to be published and beginning on the second installment, The Damask Persuasion. We hope you’ll forgive our tardiness.*
Let the dancing commence, y’all. We’ve been nominated for The Reality Award! The lights dim, and the crowd hushes as the intro to Robin Thicke’s “When I Get You Alone” begins. Mathair and I, decked out in our lucky pj’s and a little tipsy from red wine, got down!
Oh, yeah. We’ve got to answer some questions. Sorry, got caught up in the funky beats. The gracious, Sheri de Grom has nominated us and we have to say what an honor it truly is. Thank you, Sheri, and God bless.
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Love the questions, guys. Very unique.
If you could change one thing, what would it be?
The balance in my checking account!
I think everything happens for a reason, good, bad, the unexpected, it’s all there to help form us into the person we eventually become. So, in hindsight, there’s not much I would change, merely because everything that’s happened in my life has led me here; in a job I love with the best coworker, and with a family that I love more than life itself. Though we’ve suffered greatly, I’d like to think that it wasn’t for nothing.
But, if I must, then I would like to change the fact that my little brother had to deal with the many hardships we’ve went through, from the many deaths to our mother’s car accident and, possibly the most painful for him, the loss of our baby brother, Franklin. If there had been a way to protect him from all of that, I would’ve given anything to slip him into a little bubble, so he could stay untarnished by the suffering.
If you could repeat an age, what would it be?
That’s easy, 28. After I had Inion, I didn’t lose my weight right away, which was a huge mistake. Like anything we put off, it continually got worse, and I held that weight for almost nine years. When I got tired of seeing that sad image of myself looking back in the mirror, I got mad enough to drop 128 pounds. I was also smart enough with my next two children to lose the weight and hold it off.
Twenty-six has been pretty good so far. I’ve just recently lost over a hundred pounds and Mathair and I have really found our niche in our writing, finishing three of our books this year and in the process of publishing our beloved Perfect 7. So, I would have to pick 26.
What one thing really scares you?
That our books won’t be received like I hope they will. I always pray that the readers will love them as much as we do. We’re not what society would call, “normal” and because of that we attract eccentric characters. It’s hard to determine if they will be welcomed into the mainstream, but when you’re a writer, you must be true to the voice of your characters, or as Inion and I call them, “Our babies.”. And, so we pray that they will be understood and loved. I guess all writers feel like that, though.
Failure, but I guess that’s pretty standard for a perfectionist. My mother has always taught me that success isn’t possible without hard work and ambition. And, because I’ve never had anything handed to me, hard work’s been a constant in my life. Therefore, if I fail at anything, it’s a direct reflection of my work ethic and abilities. Failure is not an option, and I don’t tolerate it.
If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?
Most of the time, I wish I could be the best me, the woman my family see that I just can’t. But, if I had this kind of choice, I would be Tom Hardy and never leave the mirror.
I would be our MC from The Perfect 7, Kevin Yager. It’s pretty sick when you idolize your own character, but given he’s a mesh of my mother and younger brother, (both I consider to be complete cool, bad asses) I’d say I’m validated.
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