Beauty Of A Woman
By: Inion
Inion N. Mathair
Though it sounds utterly biased to use a relative for this post, I must be honest and say that the most beautiful woman in my life is my grandmother, Ginger Mallory. There are many things that define beauty, and beyond the fact that her physical beauty is unparalleled, it is her pure heart and loving spirit that sets her apart.
Through great hardships and impossible odds, she has risen above with her head held high and a warm smile on her face. Mathair and I tend to be a bit cynical, total “glass half empty” girls, but my Nana always tells us to keep our chins up and stay positive. She never fails to pull us out of our destructive mentality and plant a seed of hope and love inside of us.
In 2004, she was one of the many Punta Gorda, Florida residents that was hit by Hurricane Charley. But, rather than allow it to defeat her, she stayed strong as the backbone of our family and it’s thriving business Mallory & Sons Roofing.
Four years later, and still reeling from the natural disaster, her daughter, (Mathair) was in an almost, fatal car accident, hydroplaning and flipping her Tahoe six times. Nana called and kept in contact, though she desperately wanted to come and care for her baby girl. Unfortunately, a month later, her husband, (My Poppa, Barry Mallory) was diagnosed with Mesothelioma, stemming from asbestos exposure, and she had to stay in Florida to care for him. Within a three month period, we discovered that my great grandfather, Kenny Everett, and my great uncle, A.J. (Nokie) Mallory were terminal with the same illness.
My grandfather and her husband of almost fifty years passed in July of 2008. She moved to Otto, North Carolina to live with us, and even though she was still mourning, cared for her father and brother-in-law while helping my mother, and brother and I cope with our loss. Grandpa Kenny and Uncle Nokie died shortly after the move.
So much loss, so much unnecessary pain, and she continues to be a beacon of light in our lives, in the lives of everyone she touches. And, it’s not just in these last few years that she’s shown that strength and courage. She’s been fighting her way through the muck with that positive energy her whole life and has graciously enough passed that fighting spirit to us.
Whenever I need her, she’s always there. Whatever I need from her she’s always willing to give. She’s worn so many hats, Sunday School Teacher, business woman, motivational speaker, inspiration, good Samaritan, matriarch, wife, mother, but none more beloved by all than Nana, and oh what a beauty she is!

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