We decided to do something a little, light-hearted and fun for the holiday, and before we decide to bust out a battle on y’all. So, we hope you enjoy our silliness. XOXOX

Twas the night before Halloween, when all through the house,

All the creatures were stirring, the bats, rats and deadly clowns.

The pumpkins were carved on the porches long steps,

With promises of candles, stuffed amidst their scooped heads.

The caramel apples, lay cooling aside,

Made complete with the candies, and razor-blades inside.

The orange and black lights, strung around the house frame,

Gave a luster to Samhain, and to all of the ordained.

There were witches, and goblins, and pirates and ghosts,

But the Frankenstein clad host, was what I liked the most.

We played jack-o-lantern pass, and pin the tail on Hell’s hound,

Then the bobbing for apples, supplied a wolf that nearly drowned.

The party erupted, while the doorbell called out with a ring,

As we heard it creak open, and the trick-or-treaters sing.

The vampire danced to it’s beat while the host passed out sweets.

Then the vamp sunk his teeth into the sugar-addicted beasts.

Once midnight rolled in, we began to shout out,

That the tombstones were empty, and the dead walked about.

Then a sharp, piercing beep filled the television screen,

As the newscaster read, of the zombie disease.

We laughed and began to ask how she arranged,

Such elaborate details involving the escape of the deranged.

When out of the blue, we heard a loud thud,

So we snuck out of the party, as the screams rose above.

“Was that those poor children? What’s happened to them?”

“Perhaps, it’s the zombies, who’ve made feasts of their heads?”

We laughed insanely at the thought of the spoof,

When the black night gave way to a crowd of real goofs.

They we’re dressed in the best, as they marched like lost souls.

And they’re skin was infested with soars and oozing holes.

We stood there applauding the spectacle of fright,

When the living dead reached us and groaned with each bite.

They lunged so determined, while gnashing our flesh,

As the screams and the pleads, fell on the ears of the dead.

They consumed all they could, till the humans were gone,

Then the gluttonous zombies, sauntered back home.

And I heard them groan, as they limped out of sight,

“Happy Halloween to all and to all a good fright.”

*Happy Halloween*