A common saying in our field is to write what you know. Seems sensible enough, but we’ve never had much control over what we write. We adhere to the philosophy that the story has a life of its own, and it searches for the perfect writer, much like people search for a soul mate. A writer is at the mercy of the story.

Considering that, it is impossible to foreshadow that the story will be something you know. Perhaps, it will have elements of the author, merely because writing is such a vulnerable reflection of ourselves, but in the end, a story will tell itself. You just have to be open and willing to release that control, and the rest will follow.

And, so we take that journey with our characters; experience the happiness, the heartache, the surprises, and continually ask ourselves exactly what the readers are, “What’s going to happen next?”

It’s one of the many reasons why Mathair and I wake up every morning, excited to sit in front of a computer. No matter what setting we’re in, or whose eyes we’re seeing things through, everything’s fresh and new. We let the story tell itself, and soon, there are words on our screen and they’re forming something spectacular.

It doesn’t take a degree, a title or even an expert to tell a story. You just have to remember to let go, keep your eyes open and watch it unfold.