Inion N. Mathair, means daughter ‘n’ mother in Irish Gaelic and is pseudonym for daughter and mother writing team, Ginger Brooke Perrone and Natalie Perrone.


Though we are a new writing team, (less than five years old) my daughter and I have been writing in one form or another our entire lives. Inion’s vision was clear and precise at the early age of five, and when she turned eight, informed me she was packing up and moving to New York City where the real writers lived. Luckily, I was able to stop her, even after she packed her Flintstone’s suitcase and was headed out the door. She was headstrong then, and is even worse now. LOL! Love ya babe! But, it makes for a good writing team. Or, we end up ripping each other’s hair out then crying, making up, and eating chocolates!!!


Ginger (Inion), wrote for her school newspaper, tackling articles that no one else wanted. Seemingly intrigued and challenged by controversial and progressive topics for the area we live in which (Franklin) a little town nestled in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. Or in other words, the Bible Belt. I particularly loved her article regarding artistic freedom due to the ban in our town at our local movie theater, over the “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”. Yet, she also wrote the article, reviewing the hype surrounding and artistic beauty of: “The Passion of Christ”. That’s my girl! She spent most of her time devouring books of any and all genres, but with a special interest in Anne Rice, J.R.R Tolkien and C.S Lewis. She worked at the Lemon Bay Library for three years, two of which she volunteered, where she was surrounded by the true love of her life. BOOKS! She also was responsible for starting The Coweeta Creative Writing Club, 25 members strong. And the Otto Book Forum, though I helped her with this one.

I (Mathair-Natalie), on the other hand, spent most of my time helping others write books. My first experience allowing me to be a part of the research & editing. It was during this time, I was able to see the work, dedication and love that goes into writing books. I’ve worked with some pretty amazing people in my life, who I feel honored to have known and privileged to assist. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s (FDLE) Crimes Against Children Section. As Sectional Secretary, I had the joy of working with Special Agent Supervisor Bill Davis, Special Agent Mike Devaney, Bureau Chief Clarence Mauge’ & the amazing Dayle Hinman, who at the time, was the first, female-Criminal Rape Profiler at FDLE. Years later, I relocated from North Florida, to South; Taking a job with the States Attorney’s Office, working for District Attorney, Paul Alesendroni. After that, upon entering my thirties, I wanted to spend more time with Inion. So, I took a job as Assistant Director of the Summer Program at a posh private school, we had her enrolled in. It was during that summer, I and two other wonderful & dedicated teachers, Joel & Lisa, helped to create the “Make-Believe Fun/Fest.” A program that promoted reading, writing and a love for books among children. This later became a full time job, that I fell in love with, and stayed with for five years.

Lastly, I helped my father, a well-respected local business man, licensed minister, and Vice President of the Gideons Association. Working with him not only in his company, but also his ministries and charities, while keeping his memoirs, for the book he dreamed of writing but, was unable to finish, due to his untimely passing. At the time, my father also had many of his pieces published with the local newspaper. Just another tool, I used to hone my critiquing and cleaning skills.


It was the spring on the eve of my forty…something birthday, that mine and Inion’s life would change forever. While driving home from work one rainy day, I lost control of my vehicle, and hydroplaning flipped my Tahoe, six times. Lucky, fate, sturdy vehicle, whatever you want to call it, we say blessed. I was thrown on my back for more than a year. With more than fifty cuts, scrapes and gashes on my face and body, and a badly damaged left leg, that almost left me crippled and did leave me with a ton of hardware I had thought life couldn’t offer up any more abuse. It was right before, I was to start my physical therapy, when we got our next storm. My mother called to inform me that my father had terminal cancer and was given three months to live. Unable to go to Florida to spend his last three months with him, I felt so angry and yes…robbed! Two weeks later, we would get the news that my grandfather had three months as well. A month after that, my father’s brother, Uncle Nokie was given the same grisly news. Feeling as though, life had become a nightmare and that God had a vendetta against us, we felt we had reached an all time low.

That summer, we would lose all three men, within weeks of each other. Exposed to asbestos in their early years,(family construction business) these beautiful men, were all taken from us within a blink. I buried my father the morning of my forty-first birthday and believed that there was nothing left to take from us. Excuse me…while I pause.

Words cannot describe the utter devastation, can they? And so, the words began to flow and with them, the healing began and the passion was unleashed as was the writer.

Fast forward, and one night while at our writing group several of our members/friends told us how closely our (Inion and Mathair’s) minds were linked and that they would love to hear a collaboration from both of us. And voila, Inion N. Mathair was born. It’s funny how life takes you on the journey through all the up’s and entirely too many of the downs, to bring you where you should have been all along but… now, the type of person that is prepared for it. A little wiser, a little scarred a lot stronger, but happy! We are a three-generational/female writing force. Mother/Nana-(Ginger) acts as business manager, story-checker, guidance counselor, ring referee, encourager & biggest fan. Mother/Mathair is one half of the writing team. Inion/daughter, is the other half. Three strong-independant women who find common ground and love in our creativity & passion for the art.

So now you know everything about us, we hope to hear from you and about you! Don’t hesitate to leave a message. Good or bad, we take any and all compliments, friendly notes and yes, even criticism. (and guess what? We have the leather skin to endure it and bounce back!) And by the way… thank you for listening.