For the past four years we have been working on two different series that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

First, New Salem Chronicles. A series about a young, traveling teacher that is lured into coming back to her birthplace of New Salem, Massachusetts to teach at an elite prep school. While educating her seventh grade class, she discovers that their pasts, including hers, are all connected to a central Massachusetts controversy in the 1800’s. The 13 Reapers is the first, completed novel in the series which is geared towards a Middle Grade/Young Adult audience, but has the appeal for a wider following. The genre is magical realism with a touch of commercial fantasy. We have been querying steadily. Wish us luck!

Mathair originally thought of this idea while working at a private school that Inion attended, after she had created The Make Believe Fun Fest Summer Program. We attribute our time at the private school for the inspiration. Years of research and love has gone into New Salem Chronicles and we hope you can read and enjoy it very soon.

Secondly, The Perfect Seven. Is a tooooootally different ballgame. Dark, witty and full of crude humor, this coming of age story centers around five, highschool seniors on the ride of their life and confronting an evil too big for any of them to fathom. You’ll laugh, cry, scream and look over your shoulder as you delve into this one-on-one account from our flawed hero’s point of view. Our MC’s voice is refreshing and unique, but speaks to the readers on a personal level. Though it’s directed towards YA, anyone can relate to this ensemble cast. We finished the first, The Perfect Seven, in a series of five books in February and have just begun the querying process.

Though New Salem Chronicles was our first baby, we feel that the market is ready and waiting for The Perfect Seven.

Can’t wait for y’all to enjoy them both, and won’t stop until both series are in your hands!